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Last Updated on April 2, 2024

One great way to bring a little intimacy back to your marriage is through kissing! Here are 5 new ways to kiss your husband that are perfect for Valentine’s Day or any time of the year.

Today, I’m cozied up by the fire writing about what kind of kissing teen girls should reserve for marriage and why. It reminded me of A Kissing Challenge I offered to teens years ago to save that first kiss for as long as they could—maybe for marriage!

But what good would the saving be, if it weren’t for the potency of passion to be unleashed in pure pleasure within marriage? (What pontificating pros!)

I believe that marriage is a picture of Christ and the Church, and should therefore be protected not just with guidelines and modest patterns of behavior with other men, but with intentional and unashamed passion within marriage.

Kissing, is a great doorway to intimacy in the bedroom. (Did you know that the saliva of a passionate kiss unlocks both testosterone and estrogen, creating arousal? But I become too scientific!)

Any intimacy in the bedroom is a great wall of protection for your marriage relationship.

And it’s good for your health! Kissing, it turns out, drastically reduces stress levels because of the significant drop in cortisol that it creates. It can even reduce blood pressure. Want to minister to your stressed out-man in a very practical way? Kiss him.

But here’s a sad fact: while kissing is fun and experimental when newness of passion is being unleashed, it can become boring.

What?! Did I just say that? Did I just admit that married women across the globe might be lacking in the creativity department when it comes to kissing? Yes, I did.

But you don’t have to be one of them. Take my Kissing Challenge. It’s quite simple.

Discover five NEW ways to kiss your husband before Valentine’s Day and do it! Here are a few ideas to get you started:

5 New Ways to Kiss Your Husband

  1. The Virtual Kiss – Flirt a little with this symbol— :-*. A little flirting in marriage is a healthy thing and could lead to something more romantic.
  2. The Hero’s Kiss– Sit in a chair with masking tape over your mouth and your hands behind your back. Mumble as if trying to tell him something important and using your body language ask him to get that tape off your mouth. When he pulls it off, wrap your arms around his neck, plant a kiss on him and tell him he’s always been your hero!
  3. The Brow Kiss-When he’s taking a nap on the sofa, quietly walk over and plant an ever-so-gentle kiss on his eye right below the brow. It sends a message that affirms his rest and makes him feel loved.
  4. The Kiss With A Message-Whisper sweet nothings into your husband’s mouth, barely touching his lips.
  5. The Tasty Kiss-Take a sip of your favorite drink, leaving a little on your lips. Give him a sweet taste of it with a tender lip lock.

That’s as far as  my published ideas will go. (This is a PG blog, but your kisses don’t have to be.)

Have fun and get creative. After all, Song of Songs says this: “Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth!” Well… let him!

[This post was originally published on February 13, 2013.]

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  1. Wow, Dannah! Great ideas!

  2. JewelsChohan says:

    Love it, Dannah! Wish I had read this before Valentines, but alas, it's never too late! 😉 Good suggestions and reminder to keep up the fun, even when you're an "old married couple!"