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April is here and warmer weather is finally on the way! As we enter spring, it’s a great time to spend some quality moments with your family. Check out these ideas to keep you and your family busy all throughout the month!

Things to do as a family in April

1. Open the windows. The weather for most of us is getting warmer (but not too warm). This is the perfect time of year to let fresh air inside.

2. Go for a flower walk. Find a botanical garden or a park in your area and see how many different flowers you can find. Take pictures or even better take paper and art supplies with you and spend the afternoon drawing pictures. You’ll have a fun afternoon and have some fresh art work for your home. 🙂 (Here in Texas April = Bluebonnets!)

3. Ride a bike. A couple weeks ago my daughter learned to ride her bike without training wheels. Can you guess what she wants to do every day after school? We don’t go every day, but it’s a wonderful thing to do as a family between dinner and bath time.

4. Hold an Easter Egg hunt in your backyard. Invite the neighbors and their children!

5. Discover geocaching and go on a treasure hunt as a family!

6. Do you have an elderly neighbor with a pet? Volunteer to walk their dog or make homemade pet treats to take to them.

7. Volunteer to plant flowers or help with the yard of a single mom or elderly neighbor.

8. Lay on a blanket and look at the clouds. We all move SO fast and are so very busy. Teach your children what it means to S L O W down and imagine. (This will be good for you too!) Talk about what you see in the clouds.

9.  “Spring Clean!” This is also the best time of year to go through all of your children’s toys and choose gently used ones to bless other children with. Make sure your child is involved in the decision and that they get to go donate the toys.

10. Plant a garden. Large or small it is a joy to watch things grow. Start seeds growing inside. Right now I have a ‘taco garden’ and a ‘pizza garden’ growing in little round containers on my kitchen table. Every morning my children are excited to see new growth and speculate on how long before they will get to harvest their crops!

11. Go camping in the backyard! Light a fire in a fire pit (or use your BBQ grill!), and sit outside at night. Roast marshmallows and make S’mores.

12. Tell your children your favorite childhood memory of Spring. They won’t know if you don’t tell them!

13. Fly a kite!

14.  Paint rocks.

15. Give each child a lunch bag and take a walk in the neighborhood. Collect things God has made. Dump them out at home and let each child share their treasures.

16. Play Hide and Seek!

17. Get empty cardboard boxes from an appliance store and create boats, forts, or playhouses. Let the children decorate them with paint or markers and cut out windows and doors.

18. Start your “I’m bored list” for this summer NOW! Together make a list of “things to do by myself” or “with a friend.” One rule is that each activity has to be something they can do on their own without an adult. Keep this a growing list and send your kids to it the next time they are ‘bored.’ Keep adding to the list all Spring and you’ll be all set for Summer.

19. Since the weather is getting warmer, now is a great time to talk to your daughter about modesty. Take her out just the two of you. Go to a mall or look at a magazine. Talk about the examples of clothing that you see for warmer weather. If you need some guidelines, True Girl is a great place to start.

20. Along the same lines as 19, talk to your son about temptation and what they might see as the weather gets warmer. Teach them to flee from temptation and to physically turn away or lower their eyes when they are tempted. This is something they will have to deal with all their lives. Help them practice fleeing temptation when they are young.

21. Go on a prayer walk around your neighborhood. Walk down your street and pray for each family inside whether you know them or not.

22. Wake up early enough to watch the sunrise. Thank God for the blessing of a new day!

23. Head to the zoo! Now is the best time of year to go, the animals should be outside and active because it isn’t too hot or too cold.

24. Pick a bouquet of fresh flowers to take to an elderly neighbor.

25. Go Monster Cookie Ding-Dong Ditching.

26. Go scarf dancing outside. (Hold scarves, play music, and make the scarves dance to the music) — select the random setting on your playlist so the music tempo/style changes a lot!

27. Have a parade on your street. Let the kids play musical instruments or use pots and pans!

28. Cook dinner for a young family or single mom you know. Let the mom know the night before that she doesn’t need to worry about dinner the next day, or make a meal that can be frozen if she already has her meal planned.

29. Go for a puddle walk after it rains.

30. Learn a new skill. Sign up for an art or craft class or check out a free workshop at a home improvement store.

31. Grow ladybugs or grow butterflies (A word of caution… if you choose the ladybugs, make SURE you feed them as directed. We did this last Spring and neglected to do that. The result wasn’t pretty.)

32. Do you know your neighbors? Fire up the BBQ and invite them over for a potluck (especially if you don’t know them).

Add to our list! What are your favorite things to do this month?

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  1. lisa graham says:

    You rock! Thanks for being who you are and doing what you do and for sharing that with us!
    God bless!

    1. Lisa, this comment was the first thing I read this morning so thank YOU for that! I needed it. 🙂 Blessings!

  2. Idea: Do some research on-line for a State Park that a couple/few hours away, pack a cooler and head out for a day trip! We have made some great memories on our impromptu all day road trips! C’mon moms – share your ideas, I wanna hear more!

  3. Love getting to open the windows for fresh air after being cooped up all winter….and yes, in April I always feel the drive to get started on the spring cleaning. lol

  4. Make your own bubbles and encourage the kids to choose objects other than the avg. bubble wand to blow them with. How big can they get them? Have fun running around and popping them or for a lesson in self-control try NOT to pop them 🙂