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Last Updated on March 21, 2024

As the brisk air of September sweeps in, along with it comes dozens of opportunities to create cherished memories with your family and friends!

From savoring seasonal delights to embarking on adventures both big and small, here are the memories we’ll be making with our families in the month of September. Join us and make memories of your own!

Things to do in September

  1. Go on a nature walk.
  2. Find a “Pick Your Own” farm and go apple picking.
  3. Bake an apple pie.
  4. Teach your child to sew.
  5. Make a quilt (or learn how). Or remember pot holder looming?
  6. Find a botanical garden and see what is in bloom. Take pictures.
  7. Go to a high school football game.
  8. Go on a puddle walk.
  9. Bake cookies, and take them to a nursing home or elderly neighbor.
  10. Go to a stock show.
  11. Go to a state or local fair.
  12. Make candied apples.
  13. Go on a picnic.
  14. Start a new “back-to-school” tradition. (It’s not too late!)
  15. Go to the zoo.
  16. Go to the park … a lot.
  17. Feed ducks.
  18. Swing!
  19. Get outside and play in the cooler weather. Maybe a good ol fashioned game of tag!
  20. Honor grandparents on National Grandparent’s Day (first Sunday after Labor Day).
  21. Plan and practice your families’ disaster preparedness plan.
  22. Go camping. (Even if it’s in the family room!)
  23. Clean out your closest and playroom shelves, and donate toys to those in need.
  24. Find out the ways your child’s school is helping the community and take part.
  25. Go on a date night with your husband, for our single mom friends – spoil yourself with a long bubble bath!
  26. Visit your nearest State or National Park.
  27. Plant perennials or spring-blooming buds.
  28. Craft day…gather brown gift bags and start decorating them for CHRISTmas gifts!
  29. Attend a country fair or craft festival.
  30. Go to your community theater, either as a date night or with your kids.

What plans do you have for this September? What other ideas for autumn would you add to the list?

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