Looking at the title of this article and choosing the word “great” is intentional.

What makes a movie great? It must have drama, action, adventure, highs, lows and love. Doesn’t this sound eerily similar to your relationship with your husband? A great marriage will have all of these qualities, and you share this marriage with one other—your husband.

I have never seen a perfect movie. There is always at least one thing I would have removed or added. I have also never seen a perfect marriage. But, seeing the great marriages of those who have gone before me, made me want one.

Great marriages are not free of struggle. Great marriages are not made of two conflict free, complacent people. Great marriages are made in the midst of drama, action, adventure, highs, lows, and love. These marriages have to learn in the midst of these adjectives to forgive, overlook, love in-spite-of, lift up, build up, and sometimes just shut up. A great marriage is made by keeping the best interests of your spouse as your personal priority.

A great husband is in a marriage where his wife has made it her number one priority to be to him what God has purposed for her to be—his helper. As his helper, you have so much more to offer your husband than just picking up his dirty socks. He needs someone who will follow him as he follows Christ, yet, be the one who will speak the truth, no matter how difficult, in love to him.

Ephesians 5:31 says, “Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh.”

Our husbands stood at the altar, before a judge, or whatever you did on your wedding day to say, “I take you.” You said the same thing. Neither of you are perfect and will never be. But he should always be what the dictionary defines great to be: highly significant, wonderful, first-rate, and very good.

P.S. A great husband is always the companion of a great wife.

Excerpt from Robyn’s upcoming book, Say IT Loud!