We are thrilled to have Dannah Gresh as a contributing blogger here at MomLife Today. We think this book is wonderful and so helpful in raising our daughters to be the young ladies God has designed them to be. Julia has just finished this book, and she’ll share with you about it in tomorrow’s post.

To learn more about it (and how to get one), just click on the image above. Dannah’s newest book, What are You Waiting for?, was just released this week and is targeted to older teens and college-aged women. “I have never worked harder than I have on the book I am releasing today! It has taken me nine years to write What Are You Waiting For: The One Thing No One Ever Tells You About Sex, which targets the older teen and college-aged women. I’ve traced the Hebrew language of sex from Genesis through to its Greek counterpart into the book of Revelation and discovered one of the worst-kept secrets in Christianity. (I say worst-kept because EVERYONE should know this truth, but I’ve only ever heard one other Bible teacher or pastor teach on it.) This is the most important thing I have ever written!”

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