This past week my older daughter and I listened to Beezus and Ramona by Beverly Cleary on our way to and from Rachel’s special needs school, which is 30 minutes each way.

I remember Beverly Cleary books from my own youth and am thrilled to share them with my daughter. As we listened to Beezus and Ramona—a story about older sister Beatrice’s (“Beezus”) struggle to love younger, trouble-making sister Ramona—we had some interesting conversations. My daughter opened up about the frustrations she experiences being the older sister of an autistic sibling.

We talked about how her sister destroys a lot of toys, markers, crayons, and other items, and how sometimes Rachel’s behavior takes precedence over other activities. But we also discussed what better people we’d become because of autism, how it’s helped us see the good in little things and to love on a deeper level.

Thanks, Beverly Cleary!

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