Well, I survived it again … The first day of school, but it was so hard walking into the quiet house after I got home.

The day before school started I went to rent a movie for my daughter and thought, We can watch it tomorrow during the day. Then it hit me. No, we can’t because she’ll be in school.Boo-hoo!

That night before the big “first day” of school I burst into tears at bedtime. The next morning I got all teary-eyed when helping my second-grader tie her shoes. She said, “Are the kindergarten moms going to be crying a lot?”

I nodded and tried to hide my own sniffle.

She gave me a suspicious look. “Are you going to be crying?”

I nodded again. “Probably.”


The waterworks started, but I managed to choke out, “I’ll be so lonely without you.”

She held open her arms and wrapped them around my neck. “I’ll give you a hug now, but you have to make it last all day, Mommy.”


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