10. Everyday is a scavenger huntwho can find their matching socks first?

9.  Marker on the walls provides decorative color splashes.

8.  The vacuum still has its new smell.

7.  Pet hair provides good insulationit saves on energy costs.

6.  Toys cover carpet stains.

5.  Fingerprints on the windows provide natural tinting.

4.  Because “the house ate my homework” sounds so much better than that old dog excuse.

3.  It’s safe from criminalsthey think the house has already been ransacked.

2.  Food crumbs provide job security for the dog.

1.  It’s easier to count my blessings when I trip over them.

Who me…messy house?

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  1. Jennifer Atkins-Gord says:

    And another, the pet hair adds another dimension of protection to the crawlers…no need for sweaters.
    Thanks for your humor!

  2. My number one reminder of why its good to have a messy house is that it means my life is full of all the little blessings we so easily take for granted!! I'm so glad to have my husband, children, and even the dogs 🙂