Last week was a tough one. Sleepless nights, sick kids, hours in the car, autism—in all, too much. I’m really down. I’m sure you’ve been there.

But on one of those days, I got some perspective from my sister. She called that particular evening after attending a funeral for a friend’s baby. The baby was born with some major health problems, but after a year of expensive medical treatments, the doctors gave her a great prognosis. Cured. Just a few months later, a minor infection killed her.

I weep for this mother. I pray for their family. For all of you who know her pain, I weep for what you have suffered. As for me, I thank God that my daughter lived when she wasn’t supposed to, autism and all.

Give a friend a hug. Give your kids a kiss. Give your spouse something more. Give God thanks for today’s blessings, even the difficult ones.

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  1. Jennifer Atkins-Gord says:

    Your conclusion is so beautiful. We definitely should give thanks adn love where necessary.

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