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Editors Note: MomLife Boot Camp, is now known as Mom Camp and happens every spring at Pine Cove Christian Camp in Tyler, Texas.

I have attended ladies retreats and conferences in the past, many of which have revolved around the well known speakers and performers who were featured there. MomLife Boot Camp was different from any other event I have ever attended.

I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into when God whispered in my ear that He wanted me to fly to Texas and be a part of MomLife Boot Camp. I just knew I felt compelled to go. I was nervous, and unsure of myself, but I knew God wanted to do something that weekend. I had visions of the possibility of God using me in some big way. Little did I know that He was going to use the event to show me what humble, servant leadership looks like.

After arriving at the camp site, I joined five other MomLife Today writers in a cabin. We unpacked our things, made our beds, got acquainted, and went to get our instructions. From the minute we connected with those overseeing the retreat, I could tell it was different than any ladies event I’d ever been to.

Our instructions: Blend in. Embrace obscurity. Be servants.

I had come hoping to be used in some way, but I ended up learning and being blessed by the example of the camp leadership. None of what I experienced that weekend was about the speakers, the writers, or the leadership.

During the sessions, the speakers faithfully shared what God had led them to share. Afterwards they simply blending into the crowd, eating their meals with different women each meal. The writers were there to serve and help in any way we could with the behind the scenes. During the afternoon we would sit in the coffee shop, pray together for the women who were there, and pray with women who would come in to relax or get a cup of coffee. We were there to bear each other’s burdens.

There is no celebrity at MomLife Boot Camp. Only women who are humbly pouring out to encourage other women. Servant leaders who want to make God’s name great, not their own. Moms who want to help equip other moms to go home and fulfill their God given callings.

I am forever changed by what I saw and experienced that weekend. It has given me a standard to aim for in my own life and ministry opportunities: To make His name great. Embrace obscurity. Be a servant.

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  1. This was my experience as part of the team too. I hope anyone who is “on the fence” about going, chooses to just make plans and GO! You will be so blessed by the fun with sweet moms, spiritual refreshment and peaceful, lakeside setting. I left with a full heart.