Last Updated on July 26, 2018

When I was very young I used to want so very much to join in on the summer fun as my older brother and sister swiftly rode away on their bikes with their neighborhood friends. But as with most rights of passage, the permission to do so required patient waiting on my part.

At last, I had learned to ride my bike (training wheels free) and was granted the coveted “go ahead” by my parents, and freedom to pedal with the neighborhood kids was granted.

As I set out on my maiden voyage down the street with a barrage of neighborhood playmates I distinctly remember being filled with joy as I followed closely behind all the big kids. Finally, I was being given the chance to do what I had wanted to do for so long.

My eyes were forward and the pavement before me whispered possibilities, but in an instant the possibilities came to a screeching halt. As did I. It happened so fast, yet to this day it plays out in my mind in instant by instant slow motion. First I saw the blonde pony tail in my direct vision, I then lowered my eyes and with absent trained reflexes that failed to brake, I inexplicably watched as my front bike tire made direct contact with pony tail girl’s blue metal bike bumper.

Suddenly the world was upside down and I found myself launched head over heals, soaring over the handlebars of my bike. Confused and broken hearted as my dream was literally crashing down around me, injury was being added to insult as my face made instant, hard contact with the rough, hot black pavement.

I remember the rolling over and sitting up, I remember the stares, mouth’s agape. I also remember quietly, calmly standing up, turning towards home and walking silently, the walk becoming a jog and the jog quickly turning into a run.

As I bolted into the front door and scanned the family room, that which my eyes sought was unavailable, as I entered the kitchen and frantically looked left and right I still came up empty. I ran to the back of the house…her head turned, the gentle smiling face twisted and in an instant her arms were around me and the soothing words washed over me. My held back tears flowed freely and racking sobs escaped my tiny frame and my fearful thoughts formed words that mocked my former heartfelt dreams, “I will never ride my bike again.”

What has your heart dreamed of that you attempted and failed to do well, or worse yet, you totally wrecked?

Difficulties help us to grow, produce in us perseverance and a dependence on the strength of our Heavenly Father.

[verse reference=”Romans 5:3-5″]…but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out His love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom He has given us.[/verse]

God does not expect you to be instantly good at the dream He has put in your heart, but He does expect you to get back up on your bike and try again…and fulfill what He has for you to do… His strength can be found in, through and on the other side of perseverance.

And then there’s also the heaven sent joy found as you pedal your God given dream into reality and enjoy the ride He has for you!

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