Twas the month of Christmas and all through the city

People were crazy and not acting pretty.

The traffic was clogged, the stores were all packed.

The lines were so long and my list was quite stacked.

Exploding … to be exact.

My mind was all fuzzy, my feet really ached.

But forward I marched with a smile that was faked.

When all of a sudden to my pleasant surprise,

Something happened that really opened my eyes.

A sweet little child, a daughter of mine

Asked quite simply, “Is this Christmastime?”

And I thought to myself, “It’s time for some love.

Sharing about Jesus and peace from above.”

I looked at the people all scurrying around

And wondered if maybe I could share something profound.

Not that I wanted to stand on a stage,

Or even write something down on a page.

I think that the best way to share Christmas’ glory

Is smile at another and share a sweet story.

It’s forgiving the rude driver who cuts me off.

It’s sweetly responding without a small scoff.

It’s opening my home with decorations perfect or not.

It’s baking a cookie and filling a tea pot.

Giving thanks for the blessed table laid with a feast.

It’s loving the unlovely, and blessing the least.

It’s seeking my Savior each minute each day.

It’s knowing He hears every prayer that I pray.

It’s trusting His promise. It’s being His child.

It’s seeing that Christmas doesn’t have to be wild.

It’s Christmas with Jesus. Christmas with joy.

It’s Christmas with something more than a toy.

So let Christmas be filled with more than a trip to the store.

Let Christmas be filled with Jesus … we need nothing more.

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  1. Nell Kirk says:

    What a sweet way to compare the hustle and bustle of the holiday madness to the simple coming of our Lord Jesus. Warmed my heart. Thanks.