Last Updated on June 13, 2018

You know how you make spur of the moment decisions and then think better of it later?  Yeah, well, I let my 3-year-old tinkle in the ocean this summer.  The beach house was two blocks in one direction and the ocean was 15 feet away in the other.   I think she emptied every single drop of liquid out of her body into the ocean just for the sheer joy of squatting in the waves.

Just thought I should give you a heads up if you’re vacationing in the Outer Banks.

That little tinkle in the ocean reminded me of all the little things in life that drive me bonkers. I become so discouraged by the small stuff.  When I began this single mom journey everything was so overwhelming. I just seemed to exist in a state of constant response.

My focus was survival.

When we’d adjusted to our new “normal,” I struggled a lot.  It was the hundreds of responsibilities and decisions I needed to make and my children’s thousands of questions I needed to answer.  I had difficulty figuring out what to do and second-guessed every decision I made.

I still do.

It was and is very challenging – the 1000 little things and 100 big things that land in my ocean each day.

Each day there’s at least one thing that pushes me over the edge.  The spilled whatever, the shoes in the middle of the floor, the toys left out, the TV in general, or the popsicles melting on the floor are some of the usual culprits.  Why, though?  In the grand scheme of things, as the saying goes, does it really matter?

I can’t remember the things that happened yesterday that irked me – but I have no doubt there were several!

Thankfully, this whole tinkle analogy has a flip side.  Those stressful little things that equate to pee-pee in the ocean are balanced out by those beautiful little things that bring us joy, even just for a moment!  Like tinkling in the ocean for my 3-year-old, I find happiness in a smile of sheer delight on my child’s face, a great book, a perfectly roasted marshmallow, a sleeping child on my lap, a funny text arriving at just the right time … I could think of a million.  So if I can think of all these lovely little moments of happiness, why do I let the many little moments of mayhem ruin the day?

Oh, how I wish I could ponder the positive rather than nag about the negative!

On vacation it was so simple to relax and not get caught up in the drama of the day – but once I step my foot in my home’s front door, the same chores that were no big deal on vacation instantly become a truly bothersome ordeal.  The unpacking which was a pleasure at the beach turns into a nightmare at home even though it’s all the same stuff.

It’s kind of silly now that I think about it.  Tinkle in my ocean – nothing more.

We’re home now and the ocean is hopefully pee-pee free – at least from my little girl!

Although now she’s asking to tinkle in our backyard trees – I’m a fun mommy but I don’t think we’re going there!   Maybe I should say she isn’t going to be going there!

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  1. Love this and love YOU, sweet Sue! Thanks for helping me put things in the right perspective.

  2. I sat and smiled all over myself through this entire post! You are a joy…you are amazing…you are inspiring…you are awesome! May that sink deeply and then may you realize God thinks all the same of you and more…x a ca-jillion! Big Hug to you! Thanks for sharing and touching my heart with truth! Blessings to you, Tracey

    1. Sue Birdseye says:

      Thank you Tracey – your thoughts brought tears to my eyes – been one of those weeks, days, hours, minutes… God used you to love on me this morning! Praying Blessings right back at ya! Sue