Last Updated on August 17, 2018

Accept where you are in life.

Be ready for the hard questions.

Challenge Yourself… You are stronger than you think!

Depend on God. He will lead your family.

Encourage your children (and yourself) to try new things.

Find supportive friends who listen and love you well.

Grieve fully what has been lost. Don’t move on to another relationship until you do.

Have an idea of where you want to be in a year… 5 years. It might feel impossible to plan so far when you don’t know what will happen next week… do it anyway.

Identify the good and bad patterns in your family of origin… and in your second family of origin.

Joke and laugh with your children every day.

Keep the traditions that are meaningful to your kids… even if they bring hard memories for you.

Love yourself well.

Monitor your self talk. If your feelings get scary, seek help.

Never stop believing you can raise emotionally healthy children.

Object to being called broken.

Plan the routine that works best for YOUR family.

Question the feelings that say you are responsible for everything and your children’s world will fall apart if you fail.

Release feelings of fear, unforgiveness, and anger.

Seek out and connect with other single moms… Seek out other adults who can help speak into the lives of your children.

Treat yourself with kindness and love and Teach your children to do the same.

Uncover and change unhealthy patterns.

Volunteer your time to help others less fortunate.

Weigh your options (you have a lot of them) Do what matters.

eXpect to feel sad and lonely sometimes. Have a plan for what you’ll do when that happens.

You are Loved. You are Beautiful. You are Enough.

Zealously guard your time with God. You need it.

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  1. Katie! How did you become so wise at such a young age?

  2. Vashti J. says:

    Love it, Love it, LOVE IT!!!!