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Sporting a spanking stick in her left pocket and a frown on her brow, my usually happy-go-lucky friend asked, “Aren’t you afraid your children will grow up to rebel?”

She had just come out of the back room, disciplining her child for about the seventh time during my visit.

You know when the Bible says you should mourn with those with who are mourning, rejoice with those who are rejoicing, and be a comfort in a time of need? I should have reassured my friend, but instead I blurted out, “Afraid? No! I guess I’m counting on it?”

Now she looked alarmed and abandoned in her fear. I relentlessly went on, “I guess since God is the perfect parent and yet we are still rebellious, why would I get a pass from late nights of concern and hours on my knees, hoping everything will turn out okay?” As you can guess, these were not comforting words to my friend.

God wants the best for us, and we want the best for our children. Rebellion is never the best; in fact, it just takes us longer to get to the perfect plan God has in store for our lives. But we do it anyway. Our children will no doubt do the same.

It made me wonder why so many of us seem to fear this more for our children than we did for our own lives.

Some may say, “It’s because of our undying love for our children.” But I believe it is the contrary. I think it stems from a self love. If we were really honest, we would say its not only because we want them to live long and prosper, but because we want them to perform in a way that shows the world that we are a perfect example of parenting.

Realizing this in my own parenting, I could clearly see another example of how amazing God is. He created us in His image. He is the ultimate parent but does not make us follow Him in a robotic melody of self-serving glory. He would rather we choose to love and follow him in a beautiful symphonic overture.

That’s the kind of parent I hope to be but fear I am often the parent who wishes my children would follow my every command like little ducklings.

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  1. Hello Heather, I`m a recent listener of your husband`s comedy and it blesses me and my whole family every time we watch! 🙂 I think you are an amazing woman of God to deal with him gone so much, and homeschool your children. I just started homeschooling my two kids back in Sept of last year along with my friend and neighbor at the time and her two boys. They recently moved so I am on my own now.. although not really cause the Lord is with us.. or I`d lose my mind! ha 😉 I let my emotions get the better of me and suffered with bad panic attacks for months. I started watching your husband`s shows on youtube and laughed myself happy! God bless him! 🙂 I just wanted to say a quick hello and thank you for being a strong role model to us christian wives and homeschooling Mama`s! 😉 Also, I do praise God for your healing! / God bless you and yours! 🙂