So … how many plates do you have spinning in the air right now?

Back-to-school supplies, back-to-school paperwork, carpool, after-school activities, school clothing buying, snack planning, meal planning, fall sporting events, school calendar activity scheduling, reorganizing summer fun into fall responsibilities … and on and on. It can be totally overwhelming! Don’t ya think?

Seriously, going back to school surely adds at least two more necessary hours to my already-packed 24-hour day. Unfortunately, I do not have the option of adding two hours to my day — and I might just hurt somebody if I had to lose two hours of sleep — so don’t go there!

I know I am not alone; I see the frazzled look in the eyes of moms in the grocery store and in the carpool line. I read the anxious Tweets and Facebook posts describing busy days and nights and a “ramped up” mom schedule that leaves moms weary and stressed out.

Need it be so?

I say no.

Yes, your “to-do list” is important, and yes, you need to be productive. However, I have an amazing suggestion for you: create another list. Now, before you think I am actually doubling your workload, keep reading! Create your very own personal “MOMents list” and divide your time between that never-ending “to-do list” — what has to get done — and your “MOMents list” of what you need to do to help you make it through your day without blowing a gasket.

What is a “MOMents list” you ask? Allow me to share mine:

• Take a walk
• Read
• Bake cookies
• Write “Thinking of you” notes
• Sit on the back deck
• Dance a little
• Write
• Pray
• Think
• Encourage “text” a friend
• Dream
• Journal
• Take a hike
• Sing a little
• Swing on the rope swing
• Jump on the trampoline
• Visit my horses

As you might have guessed (by what you just read), my “MOMents list” consists of things I like to do that bring me moments of joy, calm, and peace. And during the “busy, crazy, oh my gosh, there are not enough hours in the day” back-to-school days, having my “MOMents list” gives me options.

And call me twisted, but somehow if it’s written on a list, it seems like it officially gives me permission to fit it into my day somewhere.

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  1. Christine says:

    Nice advice. However, I don’t have a deck, a safe place to take a walk, realistic dreams, a place to hike, a rope swing, a trampoline, or horses to visit. The radio programs are helpful. This is not.

    -Happy and thankfull for a simple life.

    1. Tracey Eyster says:

      Sweet Christine – my heart was to encourage all moms to have some quiet simple time to be filled with peace, just wanted to share some of mine to get others creativity going. These are mine and I am grateful for each … and I too enjoy a simple life! Be blessed!

  2. Thank you, Tracey! I have always had trouble with giving myself permission to do my own list of things during the day. I think what you have said will help me make up a list and stick with it. God bless!

    1. Makes me happy to know a wee bit a peace may be an intentional part of your day! Blessings 2u!

  3. Julie McGrath says:

    Tomorrow I plan to play side walk chalk with my seven year old and have lunch with my 16 year old…with six kiddos these two need some relaxed time amidst the chaos of sending two back to college and resuming homeschooling. I will prioritize joy in the midst of all my to do’s…good word Tracey.