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My brother and his family came over for a visit after church on Sunday. It was certainly a blessing to see them all. I was so excited to spend quality time with them, but I was also very happy that my kiddos were going to be able  to spend time with their cousins. They are all close in age, so it makes for lots of fun for them. Well, my almost-2-year-old daughter, Kerissa, decided to show a little bit of her personality, and my brother and sister-in-law were shocked and in disbelief at what they saw.

You see, around guests, Kerissa is typically quiet and reserved. But in her comfort zone, my husband and I are learning that her personality is far from quiet and reserved. She is a little sassy mama!

One day I asked her to pick a toy up from the floor, and with her back turned, she simply rolled her neck and sighed, “Hump!” My husband’s mouth dropped, and I looked at her and said to myself with a neck roll, “I know she didn’t.”

We laughed, but immediately I thought of something my mother told me one day. She said, “One day, you’re going to have a daughter just like you. And then you’ll see what I was talking about.”

I remember that mother-daughter moment so clearly because after she said that, I prayed, “Noooo, Lord, please!” If you sat at the dinner table with my mother and me while she shared funny stories about my little girl and teenage years, you would say, “No, Lord,” too! I was a very strong-willed and determined little girl. I always had an attitude. My voice just had to be heard, and I had to have the last word. Let’s just say I did a lot of writing in my journal (stories and all) because I was on punishment all the time. It’s all I felt I could do to stay out of trouble—that is, until my sister read my journal. But that’s for another post.

When my brother and sister-in-law saw my little princess’s attitude, my brother instantly said, “Kennisha, that is you!” I just shook my head because I know she’s a strong little one just like I was. However, this is why I’m not worried.

My husband and I both have the love and fear of the Lord in our lives, and we are instilling the same in our children. Now, a characteristic is something that can be adjusted. This is what I mean. She may have a little sass to her personality right now, but just imagine that strong-willed little girl using that ability for the Lord! How awesome will it be when she’s speaking the truth of God’s love to many along her path with boldness, without reservation and in such a strong way that her generation of peers will receive it! That’s the way I’ve decided to look at it. God sees all of our potential. His hope is that we will turn to Him and operate in it. It’s the same way we should see our children, too.

Children are small and need guidance, correction, discipline, and, most importantly, love. As her mother, if I continue to feed those things to her, with lots of prayer, my hope is that she will be an awesome leader for the Lord. I’m not at all intimidated by the strong-willed personality I see in her. I know that attitude reflects leadership and I’m praying that God will use that for His glory someday.

If you’re a mother with a child who maybe has a little attitude or seems “troubled,” be encouraged! Know that God has birthed something incredible in his or her life and has given you the ability to help pull it out of them. Kids are moldable. They are just like play-dough. As mothers, let’s continue to let God guide us in His wisdom, so our children can be all God has called them to be.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I have a little girl who acts a lot like me, too. I see her do things that I know I did and my husband just thinks she's doing something strange. The advantage is that I recognize, sometimes, how or what she is thinking and can know how to properly respond. I can often tell when she is getting a bad attitude and can say to my husband or myself you need to deal with this now before it gets worse. I did the same thing and I know what she is thinking. We could mash heads together, and have a few times, but with paying attention and seeing her for who she is I feel like I can relate with her better and understand her even when I don't know how to best deal with her.

  2. Hi Suanna!

    Yeah, it's so interesting to see so much of your personality in your child, isn't it? Honestly, I was PRAYING that none of my children would be a sassy-pants like I was. LOL! But God has shown me something about this too. I'm such a strong-willed and determined person. My daughter Kerissa is the same way. While she's young, I am "trying" to understand that part of her but help shape it. You know? correct her with love so she can use it properly when she's older. She's such a go-getter right now- even at 2 years old. I know that'll be incredible once she's older. So, my prayer is to use wisdom to help shape it for her future!

    Can be tough though!!! LOL! Lots and Lots of Prayer!!! haha!



  3. Hahahaha! My daughter's vocabulary is exploding right now! The things that come out of her mouth crack me up! My husband and I always said even from around 4 months of age that she had personality plus and boy does she! She just turned 2 last month and at church a couple of weeks ago we were singing a great praise and worship song, after the song was over and everyone was quiet my daughter let out a big ol' "YAY GOD"! Honestly, I was a proud mama!!!!

    Hopefully, God gives me the wisdom and guidance to be able to direct her strong-willed path towards a strong, vibrant relationship with Him.

    1. Awww!!!! Love that, Heather! I know he will! I'm believing the same for my two year old!

      YAY GOD!! Haha! Love it!!!

  4. I see myself in my sons behavior all the time. Honestly it scares me. I see the hesitation in social situations, just like myself. He mimics my typical mood swings, especially when he isn’t getting his way.