Last Updated on March 21, 2018

My son has to be the biggest fan of the Christian children’s cartoon “Veggie Tales.” He absolutely loves them. He mimics every character, and he knows almost every “silly song.” Well, ever since he saw (and watched repeatedly) the “Veggie Tales” movie entitled “The Star of Christmas,” he has been hooked. In fact, there’s this one line that Junior Asparagus says to his father: “This is the best Christmas ever.” And that little line has been stuck in my little boy’s head since June — months and months before Christmas.

But the funniest part about all of this is that he started quoting that line after he’d get something he really likes. For example, if we gave him his favorite snack after lunch, you’d hear his little cartoonish voice saying, “This is the best Christmas ever.” Every single time he’d say that, I’d giggle at how cute he sounded and how serious he was. I realized that his little mind was led to believe that every time he’d get something good he really wanted, it was as equal to getting a Christmas present. Super cute indeed.

As a mom, it’s nothing but pure joy to see my children smile, giggle, and laugh in appreciation of the little things they get. Something as small as two Oreo cookies means the world to my son. Pouring a cup full of Goldfish on my one-year-old’s tray that sits on her highchair makes her eyes light up and twinkle. It’s those very little things that matters the most, and I think it’s because children live in the now and don’t worry about what’s to come.

The Lord spoke to me about this and told me to pay close attention to them. You see, they don’t complain much, they don’t stress, they don’t fret about the cares of life. And even though they may whine, fuss, or throw tantrums from time to time, still those moments don’t outweigh how often they genuinely appear thankful for the little things like snacks, watching their favorite movie, or even reading their favorite books.

Sometimes the stresses of motherhood really do weigh heavy on our shoulders. Quite often, I find myself crying out to the Lord for help, strength, peace, and joy. But then I see my precious little ones and their smiling faces, and I’m reminded about God’s love for us.

In the book of Matthew, chapter six, Jesus reminds us that we don’t have to worry about anything — about what we eat, where we’ll live, or how we’ll even survive in this world — because if the birds of the air are always fed, so will the Lord our God feed us. In the same way, the children don’t stress but show appreciation for the little things; that’s how our response to life should be. Stress harms us, but the joy of the Lord fills our hearts and eases our anxieties. That is my constant prayer, that my response to God’s continual goodness in my life will be the same as my son’s: “This is the best Christmas ever!”

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  1. Thank you for reminding me to pay attention to those everyday MOMents of joy, Kennisha! I have 3 grade school-age children and we are re-entering the toddler world with our precious foster baby. How quickly I forgot how easy they are to please and experience wonder with the simplest things! (like right now- she is giggling at my exposed back when she lifts up my shirt while I am sitting at the table typing, lol!). So glad to see you on MomLife Today!

    1. Aww! How adorable, Julia! Toddlers are so much fun. They really do help you recognize what matter's the most! Thanks so much for your comment!



  2. Elizabeth says:

    Oh to pay attention to the moments of joy! Thank you for the reminder. We are in a weird stage of never seeming to see those moments at all. We have 7 blessings and #8 due in 4 weeks. Things are stressful and we are really struggling with one of the kids more then ever before. It seems like I never find a good moment around her. I cry as I write this. I'm broken with stress and need God more then ever. Thanks again for helping me see what I've needed to be doing all along.

    1. Elizabeth, I am praying God's peace touches you right now. Blessings, Katie

      1. Janel Breitenstein says:

        Praying for you too, Elizabeth; my heart breaks for you. Praying He gives everything you need for everything He's giving!

        Kennisha, thanks for a great post.

    2. Elizabeth, be strong my sister in Christ. I am definitely keeping you lifted before the Lord for peace, strength and joy! Congratulations on another beautiful blessing that's coming soon. I know how challenging it can be (not to the level of almost eight!!!) but I recently had been dealing with feeling VERY overwhelmed with this pregnancy and two toddlers, so I can understand a little bit. Hang in there. Sometimes reading the book of Psalm helps too. The Lord is gracious and will provide you with the strength and ability to pull take care of your babies with joy! I believe it!

      Hugs and Prayers,