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Forgetting Someone Else’s Child

I should have written it down: “Add Mark to carpool on Wednesday morning.” But I didn’t. Several of my neighbors’ kids go to the same school, and since one neighbor…

Holding Firmly to My Best Friend’s Hand

I’m a scaredy-cat … I’ll admit it. Recently my kids and I joined some friends for a day at the beach … it was beautiful and so much fun! This…

What You Need Just When You Need It

When I left full-time work in July 2011 to focus on life at home with my kids, it was not an easy decision. At the time, I was making a…

Step Five out of Angry: Times of Unique Stress

I went in for my every-three-and-a-half-months, I’ve-put-this-off-too-long, please-cut-my-hair-so-it-doesn’t-look-like-I’m-wearing-a-lampshade appointment at the hairdresser. I have a headful of decidedly curly, i.e. forgiving but frizzy hair, quickly becoming more frizzy and less forgiving. I believe the dialogue went something like this.

Hairstylist: Are you under a lot of stress?

Me: Um, well, yeah. Some.


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