Last Updated on August 15, 2018

I’m a scaredy-cat … I’ll admit it.

Recently my kids and I joined some friends for a day at the beach … it was beautiful and so much fun!

This beach had waves that were huge. I love waves, but I think maybe I like waves from the vantage point of a chair on the beach or in the surf up to my knees.

My big kids were out in the waves frolicking like dolphins. And I really wanted to join them.

I really want to be super mom … the one who gets out there and does amazing things with my kids. Plus I like to have fun!

So I had to put my big girl swim pants on and jump in … except I was scared. Really scared. These were big, frothy, turbulent waves.

I said to my friend that I would really like to go out and play in the waves. He said, “Come on! Let’s go!”

And I grudgingly … very, very grudgingly … went.

I followed him into the waves. At one point I felt certain I couldn’t go further…I’m just so short and the waves were so tall. But holding firmly to my friend’s hand, I surged forward.

I dove under or floated up when I was instructed to…I tried desperately to relax and ride the waves.

I trusted my friend. I knew I was safe.

Another thing I knew while I was wading through the surf and swimming in the waves was that God was going to use this in my life. God always uses things like this to strengthen my faith, to teach me more about Himself.

This friend of mine is one of the best I have–someone who is trustworthy, kind, encouraging and godly. So even though I was frightened, it was easy to follow him into the surf.

And those characteristics I attribute to my friend are just the tip of the iceberg when I describe my Lord. What a blessing it is to know who my Savior is because I’ve been walking in a lot of pounding surf over the last few years.

There are always things that knock us down, but for the last four years it has seemed like the waves are coming a little too quickly. I keep getting caught in waves that crash down, spin me around and suck me farther from the shore. Sometimes I feel like I can barely catch my breath from one pounding before the next wave crashes on me. It can be painful, terrifying, and overwhelming.

But God is more than able to walk me through those waves.  I don’t need to be overwhelmed or terrified even if I get knocked down. My God will keep hold of my hand. He will not let me go.

Like my friend, His grip is strong. He will allow the waves to come, but He will not allow me to drown. He will always bring me to safety … whether that’s out in the calmer water or on the sandy beach.

I know that God has a plan wherever He takes me. And I can think of no better hand to hold as I walk through the crashing waves.

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