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How Can I Teach My Son to Be a Leader?

In the book of Judges, we see that the Lord raised up judges. These judges were men that God called, He gave them His spirit, and qualified them for the…

How Jesus Was Coached: Tips on Coaching Your Kids

Have you ever thought about how little Jesus was coached? No, I’m not talking about on the soccer field or the baseball diamond. I’m talking about how his earthly parents,…

Letting Your Husband Lead

I have to say it wasn’t always easy for me to let John lead. When he and I married in 1990, I was a single mom of a little boy….

Helping Your Kids Understand Strengths and Weaknesses

Your tender-hearted daughter is in tears again, “Mama, Stacy is so mean. She said I can’t be her friend anymore. She likes Amy better than me.” With a sinking heart…


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