Instead of Yelling, Try Helping

Recently, I was frustrated with a few of my children who were dawdling with their room cleaning. As I walked into their still-messy room to reprimand them for being so…

8 Tips for Getting Grandparents to Respect Your Parenting Decisions: Ask Dr. Degler

Q: What can I do to get my parents (my daughter’s grandparents) to respect and abide by my parenting methods when they spend time with my child? We have a…

How and Why to Handle Backtalk

Editors Note: Susan, the writer of this post, has been a mom and grandmother for several decades. Her thoughts on this subject are based on experience and years of wisdom….

6 More Steps to Disciplining Without Anger

Sometimes we must discipline–shepherd–our children. A person without discipline is like a wild dog—feral, isolated, and out of balance. So, it is necessary to administer discipline, but the key is to do it without anger. Here are six steps to disciplining without anger.

Lead With Grace, Don’t Chase With Anger

This morning, as I walked Rachel into school, I heard one of the teachers yelling as she worked the carpool line. On and on she griped that several children neglected…

Grace Received – Grace Offered

I just did everything you are not supposed to do when disciplining a child. I’m too embarrassed to share what I said, did and felt. Suffice it to say, I…

Quick Tips for Disciplining Toddlers

“My kids are driving me crazy,” a young mother with toddlers said to me. “My discipline methods don’t seem to work. My children are so strong willed. I am frustrated….

Discipline — It’s for the Children’s Sake

A while back, one of my friends told a story about a teacher who had been threatened by an irate parent. Why? Because she dared to discipline that parent’s child….

My Biggest Discipline “Aha!”

“Would you just behave?” I must admit that there are a lot of times when I would prefer that my kids would simply do what I asked them to do,…

Three Cheers for the Meanest Mom!

Teenagers are fond of labeling people — both those they admire and those they don’t. In their emotional declarations, their parents usually are the recipients of only negative descriptors such…


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