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Who’s Keeping Score?

Have you ever been through one of those seasons in life when you just can’t seem to get your head above water? Just being called “mom” likely puts you in…

Is It Time for a Clean Sweep?

I always loved the television show Clean Sweep. In the show the contents of a whole room are placed into a person’s driveway, and their things are sorted into piles:…

Lessons from a Hair-on-Fire, Cranky-Boss, Cranky-Mom Day

Written Last Night… Today was a stressful day.  Already late in starting on an important deadline, trying to make up for four wonderful days off with my kids – which…

How to Keep Your Family Connected {Interview with Mary Beth Chapman – Part 4}

In our last video interview session with Mary Beth Chapman, she talks about how she helps her family stay connected, even though there is a wide range of ages between…

You Have Permission to Say “No”

In part 2 of our interview, Mary Beth Chapman talks about balancing life with all of the many responsibilities that come along with it and gives us all permission to say ‘No’ when necessary.


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