Last Updated on March 20, 2018

By Princess Julia DesCarpentrie

“Princess jammies!”  wailed my over-tired 2-year-old daughter.  The strawberry, monkey, and  ballerina pajamas were unacceptable.  Only the nightgown with Disney princesses residing in the dirty laundry could console her.  This child, never having viewed a Disney movie, is a princess-freak.

A few months ago, millions tuned in to William and Kate’s royal wedding.  Many of us were fascinated, even obsessed, with the festivities.  Americans set their alarm clocks for 2 a.m. and held Wedding Watch Parties to view the wedding on television or online.  Why are we so drawn to royalty?  Why do little girls dress up and dream of being a princess?  Why do little boys draw their stick swords and slay dragons?  We dream of a handsome prince coming to rescue us from our mundane lives.  We fantasize about a rich kingly father who pampers us with jewels and fine gowns and spoils us with our fanciful whims.  A father who is a stately ruler and fierce warrior yet gentle and doting with his little girl.  We all have a desire deep in our souls to be that treasured heir of a king.

Did you know that desire can be fulfilled?  That you can be royalty?  That you have a king, The King of Kings, who wants to adopt you and make you an heir?  This King wants to spend the rest of your life with you, giving you riches.  He has a very real kingdom.  One that we can experience in the spiritual now, but will dwell in after this life.  The promised kingdom has streets of purest gold, jewels and mansions prepared for us.  It has loved ones waiting.

There will be battles and wars.  But He will lead you into the battle and give you armor and weapons.  And when you are wounded or suffering loss, He will comfort you as only a Father can.  You will experience adventure as well as times of peace.  He yearns for time and conversation with you.  He wants to share your joy as well as pain.

I believe my King put that royalty-obsession deep inside of us to draw us to Him.  So as I snuggle my little princess in her apple-juice stained pajamas, I tell her stories of her Prince Jesus and marvel at the love of our King.

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  1. Thanks Julia for this post. I must remember it each time my daughter has friends over and there are lots of dress up clothes (and clothes from her drawers) all over the floor.

  2. Sandy Sandmeyer says:

    Love this, Julia! We are daughters of the king…princesses!