Last Updated on January 9, 2019

Many cars today have a GPS accessory for navigating. In our car it has been great just to punch in your destination coordinates and watch the magic of the GPS plot a suitable route. The technology is a wonder–with a voice and graphics plotting your every move.

However, there have been times when a discrepancy occurs, a difference in what we visibly recognize and what the GPS calculates. “Recalculating” is the audible response it gives to correct our “wrong” direction. It can be annoying and persistent. It has a destination to complete.

I’ve been a part of the same body sculpting class for the last several years. The class is not too difficult. There is the 30 minutes of cardio exercises that target a different body area every week followed by 30 minutes of exercises on a mat. We always use two or more weights and a step or stretch band. I really know if my workout is achieving its goal if my shirt is wet with perspiration!

I’ve witnessed the ebb and flow of the participants during the January resolution-keeper rush. No matter the dedication of our instructor it must be disconcerting when within 40 days the enrollment dwindles to a faithful few. It is a predictable response come mid-February. I spent the waning days of 2012 reviewing my exercise commitment goals. I must admit that my exercise goals need recalculating for 2013. Here are my new coordinates:

  • Add additional weights. I’ve been juggling five-pound weights all year … too light.
  • Bump up by exercise time by an additional hour.
  • The addition of another day will do wonders for my menopausal body structure. Yikes! This body is fighting the pull of gravity. My mid-section is sprouting wings!
  • I still crave salty snacks–kettle chips, tortilla chips and salsa–but need to watch my sodium. My water bottle is my buddy.
  • Pilates or a good stretch class will be on my exercise menu … pray for me.

Well, I’ve set my body GPS. The destination: To arrive healthy and energetic for myself and my expanding family.

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