Last Updated on March 20, 2018

Morning time is a struggle most days. I think it has a lot to do with lack of sleep due to potty-training toddlers and my teething baby. Because of this, every morning I try to pray and indulge in the Word before my children wake up. That’s usually the best case scenario. However, most days it doesn’t work out that way. My children wake up sometimes at 6 a.m. ready to eat and play. My son, a very active almost-four-year old, has his energy on max very early. My two-year old, the same. And my six-month-old wakes up ready to play. During the week, it’s a constant marathon, which means once the weekend is here, I am ready to lounge, chill, and — most importantly — sleep in. Those sleep-in Saturday mornings were the best!

These days, my dear husband works some Saturday mornings, which means the children hear his stirring in the house and wake up, too. I usually beat up my pillow and say, “No! Five more minutes!!” The mornings he is home, I’m still awakened with loud laughter or a sweet little person crawling all over me early in the early morning.

“Dear, please just give them some Cheerios or something, and give me a few minutes to get up, pray, and prepare for the day,” I’d tell my husband. Sometimes I didn’t think he fully understood what five more minutes could do for my entire day.

I really drag some mornings, and my kids are the polar opposite. I don’t drink coffee, although sometimes I wish I’d grab a cup or three! But, my kids? They have a more than enough energy, almost as if they’ve had their fair share of caffeine before the sun peeks through our blinds.

I have to prepare for my morning slowly. My energy gradually builds. My children? As soon as they open their eyes, it’s playtime.

This leaves one exhausted mommy. All through the day, I find myself asking God for strength to help me make it through, especially while I’m operating on an empty gas tank. But recently the Lord began to show me something.

You see, by God’s grace we see another day and when that day is here — the moment we wake up and crack our eyes open — God is ready for us! God doesn’t say, “All right, Kennisha, give me five more minutes.” What if he did that to us? What’s so incredible about God is that he is already prepared for us. We serve a loving God who never sleeps and who’s always watching us. He is always ready to help us as we move forward in life. He even tolerates our tantrums, whines, and cries. His patience is immeasurable, and His love, limitless.

Toddlers don’t understand it when Mommy is having a tough morning. They can sense my slow movement, but they don’t fully understand that Mommy has had an exhausting night and could really use more rest. They immediately pop up, ready to get the day going with activities, exploring, and learning. No, they need their mommy with a fully charged battery. They still need their teeth brushed, their faces washed, to be fed their breakfast, and to be nurtured throughout the day.

The Lord used Psalm 5:3 to encourage me about my mornings. It reads, “O LORD, in the morning you hear my voice; in the morning I prepare a sacrifice for you and watch.” This immediately encouraged me. Now my prayer is Lord, help me to rise early, ready and prepared to nurture my children, no matter how exhausting the night is. Replenish my energy and help me find rest.

Just like God is ready for us and just like we can submit our request to him as soon as our eyes crack open, well, that’s the same way we should be with our children. God is our heavenly Father who’s ready for us. We should strive to be as patient and loving with our children, as well.

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  1. Can't thank you enough for your post. Just the encouragement I need right now. Read this while up at 6am giving my daughter a bottle. I have a 2 year old, a 1 year old, and 2 month old. Up all night is my life and I'm tired. 🙂 I needed that reminder to lean on the Lord and seek Him for my strength physically and spiritually. Thanks Kennisha! Nice to know there's another mom out there who's days are like mine. 🙂

  2. Michele H says:

    Caroline, just remember this season you are in will be a short season. It may not seem that way right now as you are going through it but trust me, it will be gone before you know it. Find a way to enjoy it. It will disappear sooner than you think. Have a great day with the little ones. They grow up way too fast
    Kennisha, thanks for your words of encouragement to Mom's with tots. Pray it will bless a lot of Moms today

  3. Hi Caroline! Thanks so much for commenting!

    You are not alone!!! Trust me, while you're up, you can be sure that there's another mom up too. This was certainly my story last night!! 😉 I'm so glad this encouraged you today!

  4. Thanks a lot kenisha, i really need 2 read this now, i’ve got a 1yr boy who takes beverage 4-5ce at night. i wake up stressed up&weak that i can hardly do my devotions. But now i know i cant trust in d Lord even for this. Thank you Lord for being there for me always.

  5. Thanks a lot kenisha, i really need 2 read this now, i’ve got a 1yr boy who takes beverage 4-5ce at night. i wake up stressed up&weak that i can hardly do my devotions. But now i know i cant trust in d Lord my God even for this. Thank you Lord for being there for me always.

  6. Your welcome, Suanna!

    Oyeyinka, isn't it awesome how God is there for us moms when we truly need him. He really does renew our strength. Every single day! I'm so grateful!