Last Updated on March 20, 2018

Not too long ago I was telling you about my conviction that I needed to cultivate moments of quiet and peace in my home and in my kids. After all, I completely empathize with the writer of the words of this memorable hymn, “prone to wonder, Lord I feel it, prone to leave the God I love,” but I am sorely lacking when it comes to the command to “pray without ceasing” (1 Thessalonians 5:19).

So I’ve compiled a list (some of these I’ve tried, some I haven’t) of times you can pray with your kids — preschoolers included — other than just the typical mealtimes and bedtime.

My hope is that my kids will pick up not only on a habit of prayer, but on our dependence on God and our constant need for Him. Perhaps even more fulfilling would be for them to see God as the not-so-silent, invisible member of our household, to whom and by whom all things are directed. Rather than an exhaustive list, these can serve as bookmarkers throughout our day, reminding me and my kids to seek Him. Bonus: You get a chance to talk about Scriptures that apply to the circumstance, too.

  • When they’re afraid or worried — or if you are

  • Praising God when your kids have shown character

  • In the car, for safety and for the occasion you’re traveling to

  • When you hear/see an emergency vehicle

  • For someone you haven’t seen in awhile when they come up in conversation

  • After they’ve been punished

  • Thank God on the way home from getting groceries

  • When you hear bad news

  • When you hear good news

  • On the way to/from the doctor or pharmacy or dentist, for health and for your health care professionals

  • For a country, when you hear about it

  • For a current event you’re talking about

  • When they’ve been hurt by someone, or are angry

  • When you need prayer for something you’re struggling with (anger, lack of self-control, irritability), or forgiveness for something you’ve done wrong

  • For the day ahead of you on the way to school/work/preschool — as well as love for those you’ll meet, chances to share Christ, etc.

  • After you’ve had a conversation about someone with a child

  • When you’re facing a decision

  • On the way to church, for teachers, pastors, and workers

  • When you hear of someone doing something wrong

  • Before and after one of their games or sports events

  • When your child has been honored in school, or been successful somewhere

It’s even more rewarding when they get into the habit and suggest that you pray!

As always, your ideas are welcome in the comments section!

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