Last Updated on March 21, 2018

I would like to expand on this overbearing jerk business I wrote about a few days ago.

First of all I need you all to know that in our home we recognize sin for just what it is: sin. And often, a moment’s frustration is all it takes for us to slip into our sin nature.

Hubby’s moments of frustration slip him into “overbearing jerk”—and he knows it.

My moments of frustration slip me into “pouty little snot”—and I know it.

This from the parents who have been known to tell their children they are being “selfish little heathens.” Yes, in playing jest, we do not name call in this home.

Do we point these things out to be mean and ugly? Are we calling each other names? No. What we do is point these things out to identify sin and snap each other into recognition of that sin. I guess it’s safe to say we don’t ignore the elephant in the room and allow the discontentment and hurts we cause to go ignored.

Is it always easy to hear about it when I’m being a pouty little snot? No. But hey, my hubby loves me and he needs to help me to be a better person. Are there times when he knows that I’m having a bad day and he needs to just let it go? Of course—neither of us is looking for trouble!

We all know that because we love our family the most and we are the most comfortable around them, it is then that our sin nature rears its ugly head the most. I recognize I need someone to help me tame the beast within.

Last night when I asked Hubby if we were going to have a date night this Friday he said, “I don’t know. Do you want to go out on a date with an overbearing jerk?” (Busted…he reads my posts!)

“Sure,” I said.  “Because you are my overbearing jerk and I love you!”

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