Last Updated on March 11, 2024

A New year. A New start. This is how most of us greet a new year. There are the resolutions made with sincerity of heart. I, too, sit and review the previous year and then settle on making goals for the new year. However, in my year review I evaluate what was accomplished and what went unfinished on my to-do list. Well, I had a few unfinished projects.

My reading list. I finally finished reading that one book that lasted all year! Finished! I smiled at the accomplishment. However, I wish that book was massive or so academically challenging that it took weeks to digest. Yet, this was not the case and I am too embarrassed to tell the length or mention the many false reading starts, the distractions, or the other partially read books. The excuses are embarrassing.

My cluttered dresser drawers and closets. I finished clearing that one neglected drawer that was stuffed and overflowing all year with items that I haven’t worn in years! Next, I journeyed to the spare closet, surveyed my racks of clothing, cleared out dated clothing unworn for several years and the untouched purses and shoes. I joyfully gathered these gently used items and delivered them for others to enjoy. Finished!

Some projects were easy while others remain on the list: organize the kitchen pantry and cabinets, correspondence to friends, journals to write for the grandchildren, and new books to read. So much to do in the new year.

Well, this year will include a resolve to better manage my daily life without being shackled to a to-do list that seems to sprout tentacles. Here are just a few starters.

My Mondays will be sabbath rest days. I want to begin my week quiet and restful to review my week’s activities, to read, write in my journal, and free up space in my life to grow in uncharted areas. I will add extra minutes to my exercise routine and increase a healthy nutritional life. Last, but not least, begin new friendships and deepen the longer relationships.

This is my new year. New start.

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