Last Updated on September 3, 2013

Before I became a single parent, I had a walk-in closet — now I have a fall-in closet.

I don’t mean that I fall over all the stuff in it, although that is also true. By “fall in” I mean me falling in on my knees — often in tears. Sometimes this life is just too much to bear. The responsibility, decisions, issues, and emotions simply overwhelm me at times. I desperately want to make the right decisions. Everyone says that there really are no “right” decisions with regard to many of the things I’m considering, but I still have to actually make a decision. I still have to weigh the options, live with the consequences, and bear the responsibility alone. It just isn’t the way I wanted to be doing this parenting thing.

Decisions aside, there are so many issues to deal with — so many people’s feelings, thoughts, and needs to take into account. My children are all in different stages and phases of life and healing. I can barely get myself through the drama of our life with any semblance of sanity. Somehow I have to walk five other people through it, as well.

I am blessed. My children are wonderful. They are exhausting and difficult at times (but, then again, so am I) but wonderful nonetheless. These amazing little and big people need something beyond what I can give. I am trying to point them to the Lord, but I am struggling to do that consistently. I think too often we are just rushing through the day. School. Activities. Sports. Homework. Meals. Chores. I want so much more for them and me. So to the closet I fall. …

Less-than-stellar Mom moment when someone is disobedient or difficult: Fall in!

Forget to turn in the form so my son could get the field day T-shirt and hamburger lunch: Fall in!

No idea how to deal with teenager angst, middle-child drama, or toddler tantrums, which usually occur simultaneously: Fall in!

Someone questions me about something — anything — I have done or decided, and I second guess everything: Fall in!

My daughters’ pre-school teacher re-does their hair again. Geez, I can’t even get that right? Fall in!

My children miss their father, and I can’t make him come home or make it better: Fall in!

So much left to do, and it’s already 11 p.m., which means tomorrow will be another exhausting day: Fall in!

Hormones: Fall in!

I don’t meet my expectations for anything: Fall in!

Sounds like I should have perpetually bruised knees, but it’s really getting better. I used to be curling up into balls all over the place — the basement, the laundry room, the bathroom, the sofa … anywhere would do — but it’s better now. God is faithful; He is holding me together.

I don’t think it is about me falling down, regaining my strength, and setting out to face this life. I believe that it is about me falling at the feet of Jesus and asking for His strength, perspective, and peace so that I can move forward. I know that my strength comes from the Lord. I don’t believe that being a strong woman removes the pain of this life, but it enables me to move forward even if I’m falling and weeping along the way. I know that I will find Jesus’ strength at every turn … even on my closet floor.

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  1. Thank-you for sharing that. I love that fall in idea. I'm not a single mom, but I am a christian married to a unbeliever with 3 children ages 9 month to 7 years old. It can be sooooo hard at times we see things so differently in a lot of areas. I have done my share of rolling up into little balls, but i am going to do that fall in idea when things come up and just seems to be so overwhelming.

    God Bless.

    1. Sue Birdseye says:

      Michelle, Thank you!! I can imagine how difficult things are when you and your husband view things differently. I certainly struggle with my ex-husband having any influence in my children’s lives but… Praise God that He can be trusted with it ALL! I know that it is so challenging, but boy oh boy is that closet floor a great place to lay it all at His feet and seek His peace which passes all understanding. I’m praying for you right now to feel that peace and that God will give you great strength to be the women, wife and mother He has called you to be. God bless you and your family.

  2. Sue, I can so relate to what you wrote. Honestly it feels like I am just flying by the seat of my pants every day. I have come to realize that I need not sweat the small stuff, and just try to pioritize what I am actually trying to accomplish with my kids._The other day all my kids hop out of the van to go to the community outdoor pool. As I watch them all run up the walkway, I notice my youngest (8 yrs) isn't even wearing shoes! " WHERE ARE YOUR SHOES?" argh! Him: 'Can't find em..!" He giggles and runs off with his older siblings in just his swimming trunks and towel._Sigh..I watch as he joyfully bounds up the steps to enjoy a carefree shoeless summer moment. _In all honesty.. how can that be bad? The worst part was wondering if the people in our small community thought I was raising a bunch of savages. I guess I can live with that. _Today, I am just grateful I have a business I can operate from home so I can be here to watch them run around shoeless through the summer! 🙂 Praise God.

    1. Sue Birdseye says:

      Here’s to shoeless kids!!! I can’t tell you how many times my children have been mismatched or without shoes – I even had a mom at church once laugh and tell me she appreciated that I just came to church with my crazy crew as is — I think she meant it as a compliment!? 🙂 I appreciate you sharing – it is lovely to hear other mom’s are living the same nutty life I am! God bless you and all your children (with or without shoes!)

  3. This was wonderful. I can see any one of us “falling in.” I want to “fall in” to the arms of Jesus today. Thanks for sharing this great story from your life.

  4. Sue Birdseye says:

    Thank you so much – I am glad you enjoyed it. I pray that we fall into Jesus’ arms daily – what a lovely place to spend the day!

    God bless you! Sue

  5. Thank you, sweet, beautiful Sue! I'm so glad we got to spend a couple hours with you and your precious children after our trip to NC. You are a treasure!

  6. P.S. Gabrielle just read your blog and said, "Wow! She's a really good writer!" Love you, friend!

  7. Sue,

    I have watched you walk through this experience and have been amazed by God’s sovereign hand guiding and nurturing you….and by your determination to cling to Him from the beginning. This is an AMAZING piece of writing, and I KNOW God is going to touch many, many more people through this ministry He’s given you. Love you, friend!!!!

  8. does anyone know of any other great single mom blogs? I need all the inspiration I can get 🙂