Parenting, parenting, parenting! Need I say more? We all struggle in some way or another with parenting. This may not be your particular season of struggle, but the reality is that we all do at some point.

For those moms with young babies it could be keeping your kiddo from touching the outlets, or potty training. For those with older kids, it might be adjusting to school or the fact that you are no longer their main influence like you used to be. The list goes on and on as they get older.

As I ponder motherhood and all that is required of us as we prepare our children for God’s future, I am reminded that there are always going to be ups and downs in raising our kids. Many times it may seem there are more downs than ups, especially as we seek to raise our kids in the way of the Lord and it seems like it is going in one ear and out the other.

Being on our knees for our kids, begging God for a glimpse that they are getting some of it. That all those verses you teach them, the character traits you instill in them, the gospel of Christ that you share with them, all of it, is it getting in? God please let me see some small piece, a morsel that is thrown my way that says they are getting it. Are the seeds I am planting taking root? Please, Lord—anything!

Does that sound familiar to you?

Then there are moments like this weekend, when my husband called to share that one of my sons wanted to sit in all the church services and listen to the message. And then, not only that, but for the first time he raised his hands in praise of the King and in worship of his Maker.

It is for moments like those that we keep on keeping on. That we never quit. As Paul says in Philippians,

[verse reference=”Philippians 3:13-14″]Brothers, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and staring towards what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.[/verse]

The Christian life for each of us is hard and we must persevere, so the idea of raising young men and women for the cause of Christ will most certainly not be a walk in the park. It may actually seem like a walk in the park with torrential rain pouring down on you without an umbrella at times, but then God in His infinite sovereignty sends a beautiful rainbow. And somehow you forget.

That is what the news of my son worshipping his Savior was for me, a rainbow in this sometimes downpour called parenting. It reminded me why I work so hard to pour into my boys the love of Christ and why it is so important!

{Editor’s Note: This post was first shared with MomLife Today readers on May 7, 2009. What a joy to know the Godly young men Korie’s boys are and her heart for motherhood as she continues to keep on, keeping on!}

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