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Jeanette’s MOMent

(Editor’s Note: At times we feel led to share Mom Stories from moms who write to us. We ask that you would lift up a prayer for Jeanette, and her family as they experience the joy new life. Read her words below.)

Hi, I am 25 yrs old and I’d love to give testimony of one out of countless gifts God has given me. After trying for what seemed forever to get pregnant, after taking countless pregnancy tests and and crying out to God, I decided to surrender. So in agreement with my husband. I prayed the following (I remember as if it were yesterday).

“Father I feel exhausted. You know that to be a mother is one of my most wanted desires, however I surrender and lay my wish in your hands. If it is YOUR WILL for me to become a mother, let it be, but if it is your will then I ask for a girl. And not just any girl but a girl according to your heart. A girl that will make a difference, that will impact the world with love. I promise that if it is your will for me to be a mother I will teach love and educate according to your Word and as Hannah gave her son Samuel to you I too will give my Alani.”

I took a pregnancy test exactly 11 days later and to my shock it said PREGNANT. My husband and I as well as my family were overwhelmed with joy. At 5 months we found out we were having a baby GIRL. Then when the time came to give birth I had about 24 close family members in the waiting room and four including my husband of course in the delivery room with me. 36 hours later she arrived but SOMETHING DIDN’T SEEM RIGHT.

Since the moment I found out I was pregnant I told my husband that the moment she was born I wanted to anoint her and pray for her.

When that moment came they were taking long with her and I saw my husband and family members crying. To our surprise including my Doctor, she was born with Down Syndrome. At that moment I could recognize someone with DS but didn’t know what it really meant.

It took tons of tears and prayers to realize how I had gotten exactly what my heart desired. She is soooo special, so so very sweet and she will be two in a couple of months but when we are in Church she raises her hand like no other and in her own way worships God.

I hope you enjoyed my story God bless you all- Love Jeanette

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  1. Thank you for this story. I too prayed for many years to get pregnant and God did answer my prayers although not necessarily the way I had anticipated. We adopted our two girls and I could not love them mo re if a I had given birth to them. God took a diffecult situation and made it beautiful just like with your story.