Last Updated on February 16, 2024

From the time I was a little girl I have prayed a prayer, “God is great, God is good and I thank Him.” That prayer has slipped through my lips literally thousands of times.

At long last that prayer has slipped into my heart. Really, deep down into my heart … as in, imprinted on my heart.

In childlike simplicity those ten words admit to my soul the truth of who is in control of my life, the truth that He intends what is best for me and that I am to live in a state of gratitude.

As an adult sometimes I can make my life far more complicated than it needs to be and that can leave me in a heap of frustration and undue pain. I, too, easily end up in that place where I try to figure out what’s best for me and I wrongly assume my life is all about me.

I am prone to a heart attack.

“I am great, I am good and I think me.” In self-loving arrogance those 10 words, when they are the attitude of my heart, can quickly pull me away from the source of true peace and contentment.

My longing in life is not about searching for what is best for me. It is evidence of my need for wholehearted devotion to the One who wants to fill me. That I would make my every day priority to bring glory to Him.

I used to strive for more and more knowledge assuming that would help me in that endeavor. But what I have learned time and time again is that it’s all about relationship. The daily time and effort put into meditating on God’s truth. Praying, listening and being ever mindful of who He is … not who I am, or who I am striving to be.

Remember, friends, this plain, simple, life-altering, life-giving truth: God is great, God is good and I thank Him.

Join me in making that truth a part of your heart, too.

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  1. specialmom says:

    Amen! Good reminder.