Last Updated on March 19, 2018

I started my career as a paralegal at “‘the” law firm in south Florida. Our offices were located on the island of Palm Beach. I ended my career as the membership and marketing director for one of “the” private golf resorts in Palm Beach County.

In case you are wondering, my career ended when my daughter was born because I chose to walk away and become a stay at home mom. I can remember co-workers and friends being amazed that I would give up so much to just stay at home and be a mom. I don’t know how to explain it, but I just knew I wouldn’t be good at work anymore because my number one priority was no longer me, but her.

Yes, it put a strain on our budget. But we chose to downsize so that our expenses went way down and it became doable. As a result, we became happier and less weighted down.

Now that my children are teens I’m back at work, but I have this deal where I am at home when they are at home. And much of what I do is on my computer anyway, so being at home works out very well. I still consider myself a stay at home mom, though, since my number one priority is still my children.

As an editor and writer, for the most part I can handle what needs to get done from the comfort of my own home with my laptop, well, in my lap!

Today I had a full day planned at the office and was looking forward to getting a lot done as my children will soon be on Christmas break. Because, as I said, when they’re at home, I’m at home.

First thing this morning I totally forgot about work and all that was on my to-do list, because my number one priority took over. My daughter and I just spent the last four and a half hours at the doctor’s office. She is going to be fine, but for the entire morning she was my priority and focus.

Some might call that unprofessional, I call that having your priorities straight.

What is really encouraging to me is that so many of the women who I come into contact with day after day through my social media relationships feel the same way I do. They have a job that they gladly and excitedly do, but their employer recognizes that they are moms first and that when that first priority calls, the job will be what is left waiting … not their child.

After all, they are “the” mom!

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  1. EXACTLY….AND we are a more loyal and engaged employee during the other hours. We understand loyalty and commitment. Cheers!