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Meet Ashley Escue, mother of 5 sons and a foster mom of dozens over several years.  She loves her kids and has been thrilled to discover that through foster care she can have a ministry in others lives while still staying at home.

A Word from Ashley:

Even though I’m living my childhood dream of being a wife and a mom, my life is not dreamlike most days! I’m Ashley Escue, married 16 years to Michael with five sons ages 6-14. We live in a small town about an hour from Little Rock, Arkansas.  

My oldest two are in public school now, and my younger three are homeschooled.  We are a foster care family and we love it, especially when we get babies! Surprisingly my boys argue and fight over who gets to hold them.  We’ve had 14 “extra kids” in the last 2 1/2 years.

I love being with my kids and spending time as a family playing games or watching football.  Usually there are Nerf bullets (especially after a game of capture the flag), football pads and legos laying all over my house.  It’s a sign of life and lots boys and I love it, most of the time!

 My passion and my dreams for the future include teaching God’s word and encouraging/mentoring younger women as we grow with our kids,  our husbands and our walk with God.  In my free time, which isn’t much these days, I like to read, scrapbook and occasionally knit. It’s all good, I plan on having free time and a clean house in about 25+ years!

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  1. Trese Woods says:

    Ashley, I think your passion is awesome. I have a special place in my heart for children. I have one of my own and I’ve been married for 15.5 years. My Husband teaches Sunday school and I love to work with the youth in my church. My mother has worked for Children and Family services for 38 + years and would always bring 1 or more child/children home to spend the holiday season with us. Children are simply forced into their situations; and you just never will know completely what they’ve gone through. You have an awesome desire. Each child is a flower from God.
    I pray the best for your ministry….