Last Updated on March 21, 2018

Pssst … Come here — I have a little secret.

I have read that the most sexually satisfied women are Christian women.

Oh, yeah — we are. Know why? We love God, God created sex, and God wants us to fully enjoy our marriage bed. He even included a whole book in the Bible around the pleasures found in two becoming one. It’s called Song of Songs; you should read it. It’s way better than a romance novel.

Blush not, married woman! Sex was given to us by God for us to understand oneness, make babies, and enjoy pleasure.

If this is an area of your marriage that needs a little bit of assistance, might I suggest you read up on what some very godly people have to say about sex in these Intimacy Articles.

I would also suggest you take a look around you at the Christian couples you know and spot the one’s who you can tell are very much in love and into each other. I am pretty daggum sure that part of the reason they look at each other the way they do and seem so well connected is because they are … they really are.

Based on my experience (and my nosiness), I have learned that most women who emit lots of joy and seem sickeningly in love with their husbands are women who are fully enjoying God’s gift of fulfilling sexual intimacy with their hubbies. These women are usually pretty open to sharing discreet suggestions that might help you in this very private area.

I was part of a team that created the resource Simply Romantic Nights, and when a group of us ladies got together to brainstorm ideas for creative date nights, I discovered first hand (yet again) that Christian married women are most definitely satisfied and willing to share without sharing more than they should.

Moms, I know it is hard to “feel like a woman” when you spend your whole day “being a mom,” but I really want you to understand that intimacy with your husband truly is the bond that will help melt away the daily frustrations and will help strengthen your marriage.

I encourage you to seek some wisdom and become a part of a statistic that is one you will be very happy about!

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