Littles at church

For the mom of littles at church every Sunday:

You’re sitting in the back of the church, waiting for someone to start screaming so you can make a beeline to the door.

Maybe you’re in the “cry room” and you’ve got a fussy baby who won’t stop crying.

Maybe you’re not anywhere near where everyone else is. You’re walking around the halls of the church, entertaining an energetic toddler who won’t sit still.

Or maybe you’re sitting there with a kid (or two) on your lap. They’re bugging you, telling you how bored they are and all you want is to pay attention to the pastor.

You constantly can’t bow your head during prayer because you’ve got to keep eyes on your little ones (as they try to run down the aisle).

You make it through the worship music or hymns just fine; your kids love the music, but as soon as the pastor starts talking, they think it’s time for them to start talking too . . . very loudly.

You feel embarrassed.

You feel guilty because you can’t pay attention very easily.

You wish they would go to the nursery, kids room, or Sunday school but they’re so attached to your hip, they won’t leave you.

You want to just give up getting up early for this struggle; you want to just sit at home and watch it online (although then you’re pausing it multiple times because someone is hungry).

But don’t stop trying, Mama.

Don’t stop showing up every Sunday.

Don’t stop taking your kids to church and letting them watch you worship your Savior.

Sure, you may not get to put your hands in the air in worship because you’re holding a kid in your arms, but Jesus smiles when he looks down at you.

He smiles when He sees your dedication as you pack those kids and the diaper bag into that church. He smiles when he sees your family–there to worship Him, learn about Him, and spend time with Him.

He’s smiling, Mama.

And He’s saying, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” (Luke 18:16)

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