Last Updated on February 23, 2024

Okay, so I have been in a ton of Bible studies/women’s groups and I love them! The common bond we women share, the stories about being moms, wives, sisters, daughters, aunts, grandmothers, and the list goes on.

We can cry together and laugh together, we can keep things on the surface or go deep. Communicating is what we do best. My husband jokes that I go beyond my maximum word use each day, which is about 15,000 words a day compared to his 2,000. Bottom line, God created us as relational beings. (I know there are women out there who are not like this and that is okay, too.)

The thing I don’t understand is that many of us have a problem keeping our commitments. The Bible study or women’s group starts out with about 30 women and 4-6 weeks later we have about 10 (if that). I understand having sick kids, etc., but the excuses of a “rough week” or “I was just exhausted” don’t cut it for me anymore. I know all about rough weeks and being exhausted. I have three, count them three, boys. And I know many women who have more than that.

Over the years I have grown very cynical regarding commitment, because I have one of the busiest schedules I know and I manage to make it every week. Maybe it means more to me than to others, I don’t know.

I just keep seeing a generation of young people who lack follow-through and commitment. What happened to being women of our word?

I want to challenge each woman out there (including myself) to think really hard about what you say yes to. When our plates are full and we have so many of those plates spinning it is very hard to maintain. So, we just say “enough” and stop going to anything. Hence, the lack of commitment.

In our world today everyone wants to be included in everything and never wants to miss anything, so we say yes to all things.

Saying no is a hard thing to do; I know, I have been there. But we miss out when we are only giving five percent to the 100 things we are doing, but we are blessed and able to pour out so much more when we give 100 percent to the five things we are doing.

Just a few thoughts for us in this extremely busy, have it your way now, phone at our fingertips, Internet, instant message, email, super electronically connected world of ours. Let’s change a generation and teach our kids to follow through and commit 100 percent.

More importantly, let’s show them by our follow-through and commitment.

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  1. Ouch… I've learned the hard way to say "no" but I constantly struggle still with too much. I've had to narrow it down to my family and only one or two church commitments while my kids are still home. Everything else is considered and weighed with what the FULL requirements would be. Sometimes we forget to take all those little extras into consideration!
    Thanks for the reminder!