Last Updated on March 20, 2019

I have been doing Precept Bible studies for several years. They have been integral in deepening my understanding of the Bible. After doing one of these studies, I understand Scripture in a whole new way on a deeper and more personal level.

I am also a huge fan of Kay Arthur. As a single mom, I identify so much with her early story. Her life is such an inspiration to me.

When I learned that Tracey was going to be spending the day interviewing Kay Arthur, I was thrilled that we would get the chance to share her ministry Precept Ministries International with all of you. (I was also a tiny bit jealous and almost wished I lived in Little Rock so I could have snuck in to meet her, too!) I hope you’ll enjoy watching Tracey and Kay as much as I did!

What I didn’t know, though, until seeing the video above is that Precept Ministries has a whole selection of Bible Studies geared just for children (ages 8–12). Mine are a little young yet, but after looking at the studies available, I definitely think my six-year-old could handle them if I helped a bit with the reading. We’re excited to try “Lord, Teach Me to Pray for Kids” as the grown-up version has had such an impact on my own prayer life. Please check them out and leave us a comment if you decide to do one of these studies with your kiddos!

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  1. Mary Heller says:

    I just love these studies for kids! I have taught a class on How To Study The Bible For Yourself – For Kids!! & was amazed at how much they understood and enjoyed it. Even adults who had done — or even taught — Precept studies for years expressed learning so much that they didn't know before! With my own older children we have done the study on Jonah and Lord Teach Me to Pray. Doing Lord Teach Me to Pray with my son revolutionalized my own prayer life.

    You won't be disappointed working on this series with the children in your life.

    1. Thanks Mary for sharing your experience with Precepts for Kids! Kay was so awesome for me to chat with – she is so full of love and care for others! She's the real deal for sure and so wants us all to know God personally! Blessings to you!

      1. Mary Heller says:

        I love talking with Kay! I met her at a training time in Chattanooga last Spring. I am a military wife involved with a Military Women's Ministry (PWOC — Protestant Women of the Chapel) & she shared with me an experience she had with PWOC in Germany once. I agree, she is the real deal. I am amazed at the light that shines from her eyes. She just twinkles. I am thankful for the opportunity to teach Precept Bible studies to adults and children.

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  3. I have been teaching the kids’ Precept studies for about 6 years, and I can’t tell you how satisfying it is to see kids get it and get excited about learning to read their Bibles for themselves. I have the parents come with the kids (most kids), and that has brought in a whole new layer of study. They really do work one-on-one or in a classroom. Fantastic studies!