Last Updated on April 6, 2018

Missionaries, foster and adoptive families, pastors… It’s easy to recognize their “calling.” They are making a big impact in God’s kingdom! We love to read stories on social media of public servants helping the homeless, our teens serving on mission trips, of God creating a new family through adoption. How quickly we compare ourselves to other “spiritual giants” and feel insignificant.

The true spiritual giants, however, you will not read about on Facebook: a mother of five who helps an elderly widow get dressed every morning and ready for bed every evening, in the midst of juggling her family’s busy schedule. A single mom with three young boys who quietly serves the homeless and is raising compassionate young men. A widower donating time on his knees and a few dollars every month to support local missions. A working mom who makes double of tonight’s dinner to give a meal to a family in need. Though their service to others is not visible, it is not insignificant.

Jesus modeled behind the scenes service to us. Many of His miracles were performed with only a handful of people to witness and He frequently asked that His work be kept secret.

Our ministry to others does not need to be a special calling that involves a miraculous encounter with God. Our calling has already been spelled out: Share the gospel; love your neighbor as yourself; clothe the naked, feed the hungry, visit the sick, those in prison, and the widow and the orphan. And God has promised to equip us to do His work.

[verse reference=”Galatians 6:2″]Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.[/verse]

What are social issues that tug at your heart? What gifts and talents do you have that can bless others and lighten their walk? Doing a load of laundry for parents raising children with special needs or playing a game and visiting with the elderly in a retirement home is ministry.

All that is required is a willing heart, prayer for God’s guidance, and taking action!

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