Allow me so share with you how I experience the Holy Spirit … and how the Holy Spirit helps me.

I am feeling overwhelmed.


I wonder if anyone notices me as I go through my busy day as a mom.

Even if someone notices “what I do,” am I noticed?

One of the most trying parts of being a mom is feeling like I am invisible.


That thought engages the Holy Spirit and a whisper lilts from within me:


“I have a happiness to share with you … a truth you need to embrace!

You are noticed, loved, and delighted over. 


Stop right now and think of your children. Picture their gentle smiles, laughing eyes, their crinkled-up noses, and the way they throw their heads back when they laugh.

Oh … the laughter. There’s nothing better than full-up, belly-giggling laughter from your child.

Makes you warm inside … am I right?

That’s how He sees you, you know — your Heavenly Father. He delights when you giggle.

Now the tears — picture their faces when they are experiencing hurt and unhappiness, as though their feelings are being trampled on or no one understands who they are, the unique way in which they are made, and the value they hold, even in the simple everyday life of a child.

Do you feel your heart swell, recognize that part of you that wants to rescue, protect, make it better — make the pain your child is experiencing cease — yet knowing that even the pain enables your child to grow, though they can’t see that when they are in the middle of the turmoil. When they are older and wiser, they’ll understand hurt, unhappiness, and pain lead to growth, perseverance, and character.”


Wait … haven’t I read something like that before?

I go to and type in the words “perseverance” and “character.” Up pops Romans 5:4, so I pull out my Bible; I sit and read Romans 5:1–8. I then turn to 2 Corinthians 4:7–18.

I giggle.

And that’s how this mom makes it through a tough day.

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