Last Updated on April 15, 2018

Every once in a while when I put my sunglasses on, I pretend my sage colored minivan is a shiny black Escalade fully loaded, with all the sparkly trimmings. Windows down, hair blowing… you get the picture, don’t you?

Have you ever have done something similar? Escaped reality just long enough to enjoy it?

And please, don’t judge me!

You see, I am grateful for the minivan. I am. I am grateful for the many “mini’s” that fill its seats with goldfish, fruit snacks, and juice box containers. I love them all.

But can I just be honest? Some days, reality can be a bit exhausting. And for just a few moments I need to get away.

I don’t feel guilty about it either. In fact, I figure that the kids probably need to escape sometimes, too. So we often do it together—I take them with me on a ride into an imaginary place where booster seats do not exist and life is one big party with a giant dance floor, walls made of cotton candy and Daddy is in the DJ booth. We can all have fun there for just a few moments.

Do you think I’m crazy yet?

You see, the thing is that I choose to go there. To a beautifully crazy place. I choose to let my imagination run wild.

If I have learned one thing from being a wife of 11 years, the mother of four beautiful girls, and a woman forever, is that I just can’t take myself too seriously!

Now there are things I do take seriously, and that is loving Christ with my life and seeing His beauty in my daily moments.

Sometimes, going a little crazy alone, with my husband, or with my girls is a perfectly normal means to a joyful ending.

I have learned to have fun. Right in the midst of chaos. Between a sink full of day old dishes and a basket of unfolded laundry,

I invite my family to escape with me and find the little places of crazy that fill our hearts with joy.

Sometimes I don’t even need to have my sunglasses on!

And do you know what? The dishes are still there when we return. They will always be there. The nuances of reality will always exist, but I suggest you take advantage of your imagination often because it can disappear too quickly!

How often does a good dance party with singing vegetables present its self? How much longer will your seven year old think you have the best dance moves?

I don’t know about you, but these are the realities I long to be present for. And in my world, enjoying those very real moments sometimes means stepping outside of my normal existence and choosing to see my world a little differently.

Have you gone a little crazy recently? In a good way, of course. If not, I urge you to try it and I guarantee your home will appreciate the ride!

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  1. Jennifer Dyer says:

    Love it, Wynter! I am learning to enjoy the moments rather than worry about the to-do’s.

  2. I love this Wynter! I love those “going crazy” moments with my boys where we dance to our favorite songs as fast as we can, then collapse into a pile of kisses and hugs!

    Bills may be due, clothes may need folding, and dishes may need to be washed, but for that single, solitary moment in time, all is right with the world! 🙂