{Editor’s Note: It has been one month since Wynter met Jesus face to face. Our hearts still ache. We pray these words she wrote in February of 2014 will sink deep into your heart as you recognize the powerful truth behind what she was communicating to each of us. Take the time Mom, make memories with your children…oh how precious each moment was in Wynter’s time with her sweet girls. Please continue to pray for her family. And now, from Wynter…}


I imagine the conversation will go something like this:

“Mom, remember that time you wanted us to do a craft together and you looked on Pinterest?” Silence.  Immediately followed by an uproar of contagious giggles and uncontrollable laughter.

You see, I am not the craftiest of girls but God blessed me with four sequin wearing, glitter paint splattering, and sugar loving darlings, so I try.

The reality is, I am actually the mom that …

  • Has an entry-level Pinterest board named, “Projects I Think I Can Handle.”
  • Buys a kit to create your own gum, only to burn it in the microwave.
  • Takes three days and a slew of YouTube videos to figure out how to turn rubber bands into a beautiful work of art and a colorful accessory using a “Rainbow Loom.”
  • Tries to bake an edible cookie bowl … I can’t even think of the proper words to describe how horrific this ended. Pure pandemonium as a party of 10 girls tried to scoop ice cream into a pile of burnt crumbs.
  • Paints nails … and cuticles.
  • Always has to double the amount of suggested flour in order to stop the homemade play dough from becoming a permanent placemat.
  • Forgets to turn on the oven light when making a “Shrinky Dink. ” Causing us to entirely miss the point…the shrinking.
  • Successfully bakes reindeer cupcakes (from Pinterest, nonetheless!) but then arrives too late to the class party … missing the unveiling and enjoyment of my labor.

And folks, this is just the beginning! I am serious, this list could go on and on! Regardless of my many failed attempts, my ultimate goal is to never stop adding bullet points. Let’s just call it a work in progress.

The specific activities may not be my proudest parenting acts, but combined they are what define the most significant contribution I give to my girls.

My time.

So, I imagine my girls will have endless stories from their childhood and, I am prepared to be the punch line for most of them! However, it’s the first few words of their stories that are the most important to me, “Mom, remember…”

Memories are not defined by perfect scenarios. It’s the present, the daily and the quality time we spend with our children that will guide and provide the substance of future conversations.

Enjoy the activities, but focus your best efforts on the memory.


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  1. Wyn,
    I just keep reading your posts. This one hit home. It really filled my eyes with tears. This is a great reminder to slow down and make memories