Last Updated on February 29, 2024

Often times I have thought, Wow, adoption is great! Physically easy, and no pains of childbirth! My waist is a bit smaller nine months into the adoption process than it was nine months into pregnancy. But less painful and tedious? I don’t think so!

I recall my labor with the birth of my first son. Twenty-seven hours in, I wanted to take control and get it over with. Similarly, I want that kind of control now in the midst of the adoption process. I want to say “courts open so we can be approved,” “agency have the right paperwork so we pass,” or “embassy give us a date, quick!” But I cannot.

In having biological children, you know when the end is, or at least approximately. With adoption, when you think you are crossing the finish line, they move it another quarter mile! So I sit and wait, trusting in the sovereignty of God. The adoption process, just like the birthing process, has its labor pains. But I know that just like the pains of laboring over our biological children, the discomfort we feel during the labor of adoption will pale in comparison when God finally does bring a child He has created into our family.

[verse reference=”Isaiah 55:2a”]Why do you spend your money for that which is not bread, and your labor for that which does not satisfy?[/verse]

I know this labor will be satisfying, not only to our family and for a little one across the ocean, but to our heavenly Father. We do not labor in vain!

{We hope you enjoyed this guest post by Mitzi McBride.}


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  1. Great post, I have felt and currently feel that labor pain and I would not trade it for anything because I know the end result is so worth it.