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The New Testament is full of them. The blind seeing. The lame walking. The sinful made miraculously emotionally well. Miracles. We long for them. And despite the fact that Jesus promised we’d do even greater things than he did, I find that all too often, the average American Christian mom is weighed down by the depression and oppression of fatally ill children, hopelessly dead marriages, or the ache left after divorce.

This month our dear writing team here at MomLife is nestling up around our fearless leader, Katie. She’s fighting. She needs a miracle.

Do you?

Then, nestle into your chair and cozy up with your screen. I have a story to tell you that I hope will increase your faith to believe that we can, in fact, see God’s hand move in miraculous ways in 2011. My story begins in November with a broken-hearted family. (Maybe not too much unlike yours.) Financial challenges. Emotional challenges. Just like most of us. Then, suddenly the diagnosis. Sweet, beautiful, singing 14-year-old Nadia had throat cancer. A surgery successfully removed one cancerous tumor, but the second was wrapped up in her vocal chords. After many tearful visits to two separate hospitals, the decision was made to remove Nadia’s voice box permanently and replace it with a tracheostomy. Our church and Christian high school was in shock (not to mention Nadia’s sweet mom, Michelle).

But something in us stirred. So in December, we decided to fast and pray for Nadia’s healing. For 21 days, we would starve our flesh to feast in our spirits on the Presence of the One who promised we could do greater things than He Himself did when He walked this earth. In truth, it was rather uneventful. We prayed. The news just kept getting worse. On January 31st, we ended our fast with a feast and testimonies at my home. But we had no news of healing about Nadia. Until Friday.

That Friday, I was sitting in a little café in Covington, Tennessee, where I’d be teaching at an event for moms and teens. A call came in. It was Michelle: “The doctors cannot find the tumor.” Her voice sounded like a shocked but joyful mom who didn’t know how to wrap her mind around the hope of that sentence. Not only did the doctors not find the tumor, they couldn’t see the scar tissue that should have been there from the removal of the first tumor. I don’t mind telling you that I ran out of that café so I could scream for joy in the street.

God still does miracles. Sometimes we have to roll up our sleeves to dare to believe by fasting, prayer, and boldly speaking it out, but I believe God wants to do miracles in your life. So press in. Ask for it.


You don’t need one?

Then join me in praying for our sweet Katie this month. In fact, could you do me a favor? Pass this blog along to five of your prayer friends, and let’s take Katie’s name to the throne of our miraculous God today so many times that He delights in touching her body and healing her.

Editor’s Note: Hey, there! This is Katie. I just wanted to add a little note to this. My tumor, a pituitary adenoma, is almost certainly benign and quite small but is a regrowth of a larger one I had removed three years ago. If you are reading this on Wednesday, then I am at the hospital today having a procedure called Gamma Knife Radiosurgery  (a radiosurgical treatment that delivers a dose of gamma radiation to a target with surgical precision) to stop my tumor from growing larger and causing the medical problems I had before. I am thankful for your prayers today and please know that I am praying for you today that God will work an amazing miracle in your life and give you peace. Whatever your situation … large or small … may God touch your life today and bless you.

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  1. Wow! What an incredibly testimony! I am a blogger too and I've been feeling all week that God wants me to write about miracles for my Thursday post. This just encouraged me all the more! I love seeing God work out things like he did for Nadia. It's awesome what happens when we allow Him to move in our lives! Be blessed sisters and thank you for your encouragement!!!

  2. I think about all the cool stuff that happens in the Bible – the Red Sea parting, a vessel big enough to hold two of every species, Jesus healing people from horrible ailments with just a tough – and wish I could see something so unbelievable today. Then I read a story like this and it's clear that God is right here, working away, same as always.

    Way to renew my faith. I'm praying for you today Katie!

  3. Erin @ It's Gra says:

    Lifting Katie in prayer and praising for Nadia's miracle. We do serve a mighty God of miracles.

    1. Thank you Erin! I so appreciate the prayers! And I am so glad you commented.

  4. What an amazing testimony! I so needed to be reminded of the power of prayer and fasting today. Its so easy to become discouraged, but you reminded me to put my eyes back on Jesus tonight. To him be the glory! I'll be praying for Katie.