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I am sure you have heard it said that behind every great man there is a great and supportive woman. That axiom was proven true to me mere days ago.

Stephen and Alex Kendrick, the creators of the movie Courageous (being released on September 30th) were here at FamilyLife and I had the pleasure of meeting their beautiful wives, Jill and Christina.

It warms my heart to spend time with couples who love each other fully and are working together to raise their children in a way that honors God. I have always felt that a true sign of a man is the reflection of him you witness in his wife’s eyes.

Jill and Christina clearly love their husbands and hanging out with them was big time fun and full of joy. They were quick to show interest in me and my family, and they even asked for some advice since I am a few years ahead of them. I shared with them the importance of being a Fun Mom and making time to “be” with your children. They gave me some great tips on home organization and motivating children – those moms are doing some big time great mothering!

I found myself wishing I lived in Albany, Georgia so I could spend more time with these amazing women. They, like me, were also more than excited to meet and chat with Priscilla Shirer who is working alongside the Kendrick brothers with their Resolution book projects!

The three of us were acting like school girls meeting someone “famous” but Priscilla was about as down to earth, real, and encouraging as a woman can be. We had dinner together one night and then spent much of the next day together and basically it was a 24 hour “God is wonderful look what He is allowing each of us to do” praise fest!

Priscilla is an amazing woman of God who is being used in mighty ways through her Going Beyond Ministries, interestingly she was quick to point out that her priority is her husband and children and she often says no to many amazing opportunities to keep balance in her life.

I was blessed to be able to interview Priscilla for MomLife Today and we had a great discussion about why all moms need to go see the movie Courageous!

I speak for all four of us when I say you need to make plans now to take hubby or gather with friends and go see the movie Courageous on opening night! Remember, that initial weekend is all important as success that weekend leads to more theaters showing the movie the next weekend! And Courageous needs to be in as many theaters as possible – it’s that good!

I have seen Courageous and it is filled with action, emotion, and strong story There were no less than a dozen scenes that challenged me to be a better, more intentional parent.

Courageous is the most powerful movie I have ever seen that speaks directly to the need for men to step up and be men and no doubt watching this movie will be life altering for many.

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  1. My husband called me this morning and asked me to go on a date with him the night this movie opens. Of course I said "yes".

  2. I went to college with Priscilla. Glad to see she is doing amazing things for the Lord.