Last Updated on March 20, 2018

American Idol last week … did you watch it? If you didn’t, no matter — all you really need to see is the last five minutes, and that’s on YouTube. Why? Because you want to meet one Mr. Chris Medina.

Our children go to youth group at church on Wednesday nights, and Hubby and I record American Idol and watch it “after the fact” — sometimes just us, but usually with our teens snuggled up next to us on the couch. (Of course, Hubby and son like to laugh at the non-singers in the lineup — what is it with guys and enjoying others’ misery?!)

So last week as soon as our teens burst through the door after church, our daughter was yelling, “Have you watched American Idol yet? I wanna watch it. There’s this guy on there, and I keep getting all these text messages!”

Of course, Hubby and son were having visions of singing at its worst from a dude who would have an epic hissy fit when he didn’t receive the coveted two yeses necessary for a trip to Hollywood and the next round of American Idol mania.

But judging from the look on her face, I suspected it must have been the exact opposite — a sweet silky voice and an easy-on-the-eyes face to match!

Never did I imagine what was soon to play out before my eyes on the American Idol television screen. We were introduced to Chris Medina, a man who was engaged to be married. Tragically, two months before the wedding date, his fiancée was in a horrendous accident that left her in a wheelchair with some very real long-term disability issues. Chris has remained with her and helps her mother with her care.

He looked into the screen and said to the whole world, “We were two months from getting married. We were about to say the vows, ‘Better or worse, sickness and in health.’ What kind of a guy would I be if I went off and left her after this happened?”

The really cool thing about this is that all of my daughter’s friends were talking about Chris Medina and texting about what a great guy he is! Which points out quite clearly that they crave real love … forever love … lasting love.  I’m guessing the nearly 2 million views on YouTube indicate that a lot of other people feel the exact same way!

In my book, that makes Chris Medina an American Idol worth rooting for!

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  1. My husband and I saw that on American Idol too. I couldn't help but wonder if he's a believer. An incredible story – the teenagers around my house have been talking about it too!

    1. Thanks for your sharing Gayla! Further confirmation that teens want that true "forever, no matter what" love they saw in his story! That should make us all work to show our children how much we love our hubby's! Blessings to you!