Last Updated on November 23, 2016

This short video was so awesome it invaded our very important, long-awaited staff meeting last week. And I thought, I just have to share this with MomLife readers, too!

Can all you moms celebrate fathers with me for a minute? This video is a new commercial for—of all things—a DAD (not a mom) advertising peanut butter Cheerios. What really hit me was that the dad is shown as strong and confident, not the “buffoon dad” we see in way too many commercials. This ad presents a great father as the norm, and celebrates the fact that guys just do a few things differently as parents. Definitely a contrast to the recent Sprint “Framily” pricing plan ad that took the opposite view of men. (The dad is the gerbil in the ball. Seriously.)

Jeff sent this video to me and my team as we were in the middle of our (all-women) staff meeting. We watched it on my staff director’s computer and cheered! We told Jeff that, and he said, “I think men and women will cheer this all over the country. I’m heading out to pick up around a hundred boxes of that stuff. Need to show companies that making ads like this will serve their interests also.”

While I’m hoping he’s slightly exaggerating about the hundred boxes, I love the idea of giving General Mills (maker of Cheerios) some positive market feedback. So in addition to buying some peanut butter Cheerios, here’s a link where you can send them some written feedback if you like what they have done here!

And while you are at it, be sure you reinforce your husband with a text, a note, or an e-mail affirming his role as an awesome dad. He may not parent the way you do, but then again, do you want your kids to have two mommies or do you truly want a male presence as well? Even though it is months past Father’s Day, take a moment today (and tomorrow… and the next day…) and tell him what you admire about his parenting.

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  1. We bought a box just because of the commercial. They taste like the PB taffy from Halloween, so we will be sticking with Honey Nut from now on. I did send them a note of thanks for the commercial.