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The conversation was about to end.  I was driving cross-country with my young sons.  It was a three-day road trip from Louisiana to Colorado.  I was on the phone with my friend Tracey Eyster.

Just before we hung up, she said, “Remember, Lisa, boys love silly moms.”

It was an interesting thing to say.  I mean, no one had ever said that to me before.  And I have no recollection of ever hearing anyone say that ever.

Boys love silly moms.

In the months that have passed since that road trip, Tracey’s four words of counsel have radically changed the outcome of many days in the Williams home.

For instance…

I was über frustrated one night while trying to get the boys ready for bed.  Exhausted after a long day, I ached for them to quickly brush their teeth and just go to bed.  I was biting my tongue because I wanted to yell at them “HURRY UP!” or whine about how they were frustrating me because it had been a long day and they wouldn’t stop messing around.

Then the words “boys love silly moms” filtered through my thoughts.

So in a very stern voice, I said, “Boys, brush your bed and get into teeth!”  They froze, looked at me with big eyes, and then started giggling.  So did I.

“No, wait, that’s not what I meant.  I meant to say brush your BED and get into TEETH!!”  More giggling.  Sudden cooperation.  The tension that was building in me drained away.  As they finished brushing, we continued the word game of messing up sentences by rearranging nouns.  We snuggled in bed and laughed some more.

It may not work for everyone, but it sure is more fun than being angry, frustrated, or discouraged.  And certainly I’m not talking about being flippant in serious circumstances or when discipline is required.  There are times when silly will work – and times when it won’t.

But just for fun, I’m going to intentionally look for some ways to be silly with my kiddos today.  Want to join me?  Could you share some similar stories in the comments below?  That would be great.  Maybe a little more silly could bring a bouquet of giggles to our homes today.

Much love – Lisa


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  1. LIsa! This is probably the best advice anyone could give to a mom with boys!!! It is SOOOO TRUE! My son is now almost 19, and he LOVES silly! We have now progressed to silly texts, as he is working and socializing much of the time! But it is what keeps us connected!! I LOVE this post!!! (and I love Tracey!)

  2. Lisa,
    I needed this reminder today! As perpetually busy, broke, frazzled and exhausted single mom of 3 boys (13, 9 and 8), I forget this too often- especially at bedtime.
    One of my boys’ favorite things (especially for the younger two) is when I suddenly pretend we’re British (or our own twisted version of being British) or talk in pirate-ese.. Or even a combination of the two! .. Ex: “hurry and brush and get in bed!” might become “tally ho now, governors! I do hope ye’ve all brushed yer teeth so they don’t rot out tonight! That wouldn’t look too keen fer yer pictures tomorrow, now, would it, mates?” I have found nearly everything is done quicker, with more laughter and less fuss, when said in a funny accent.
    Thanks for the reminder to be silly today. 🙂
    -Melissa in Indiana

  3. Thanks for the reminder to add humor to my day. I read this in the evening and we had had a pretty good day. I’m hoping to remember this tomorrow when the going gets frustrating or maybe if I remember it before then the day will just be fun!

  4. inspirational! Think my boy and girls could use a silly-er bedtime routine as ours so often goes serious/grumpy, and as I give the last kiss and walk down the hall I think, “is this the last feeling I want to leave my kids with at night?” Thx friend, I needed that!

  5. specialmom says:

    I’m not super-silly by nature, but when my 4 boys are not cooperating, I start my cheerleader imitation with leaps and kicks and a really bad cheer – amazing how quickly they move to get me to stop! And it does work so much better than nagging…

  6. Lisa! I used to love hearing you on the Z here in Florida then was sad when you moved away. Later on my family moved to MIssouri and what a surprise to hear your voice on the radio one day! Then we moved back to FL and i heard you here again! Wow! I kept wondering about your story and how you ended up here again just like we did. Well, i just heard you sharing a little bit on the radio about what God had done in your life these last few years. How He’s healed your marriage and given you children and how you have made the decision to be there more for your boys. I have two little boys as well, ages 6 and 3, so close to your boys ages! Anyway, all that to say thanks for sharing! And I love this post. So true, my boys love silly!

  7. Lisa,
    I heard your broadcast today on, and must say I was truly impressed with both your husband and yourself’s journey. My daughter has tried, unsuccessfully, to have children also and she, like yourself, loves Jesus (as also does our son-n-law, whom I would rather call my son) with all their lives. But God is God, and He will choose the path all of us are endeavored upon. God has equipped me greatly over the years beyond all that I could ever have attained spiritually in this life, He is so great and wonderful. I am going to ask you a big favor, I would really appreciate it if you would pray, and if God reveals anything about my direction in life (for He has equipped me with much in His love, mercy and Spirit), I would love to do that which He has called me to do, but I feel it is not to be through myself, alone, of course, but through His love and direction with others, God will reveal to you, if the avenue is clear and will place the words and the course of action He desires, I can say no more of course, as I know to whom all things flow. I sincerely appreciate your love for Christ and your entire families growth and love in our Savior, you have a very good husband and great family.
    Yours in Christ, shep.

  8. Girls do too! I have a boy & three girls. We just returned from an exhausting RV trip & I too wanted them to just brush their teeth ALREADY & go to sleep. My oldest girl squeezed toothpaste as if she were creating a masterpiece & then flung half a tube’s worth of excess paste into the sink. Just before I lost my cool as I wanted to yell at her for wasting so much, I took a second & then calmly peered into the sink. “wow, the sink must have some REALLYYYY dirty teeth tonight to need all that toothpaste!” She burst into giggles and IMMEDIATELY cleaned the mess up without being asked. Any other time it would have sat there for days. I use the same tact regularly when drinks are spilled- “wow! That floor/table must be REALLY thirsty today!” Soooo much more fun to laugh about the small stuff & usually they clean up the mess on their own ASAP. Thanks for the reminder!

  9. My kids have staggered karate classes this summer that start in the late afternoon. By then they are tired, hungry and/or involved in other activities when it is time to leave. The other day it was a Wii game that my son didn’t want to stop. Then he fell asleep on the ride. We sat in class and when he was up he refused to join the group. I went though pleading, begging, bribing and ultimately threatening to get him to cooperate. None of it worked and I was horrified that all the other parents were watching me fail to get my child to as expected. I led him out of the room for “a talk” in the hallway and once all eyes were no longer on us I relaxed a bit and so did he. We played ‘the breathing game” which is sucking in as much air as possible, holding it while trying not to laugh and then blowing it out with a funny noise. After playing the breathing game a few times we both felt better and he was ready to join the group. I wish I had thought to be silly first rather than trying to be a bully.

  10. Thanks for the tip. Going to try my hardest today. Yesterday was really frustrating and if someone asked me for one more thing. ..well you get the pic.

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