Jennifer Dyer

Jennifer Dyer

Jennifer Dyer has an M.S. in Communications Disorders, which served her well in her professional career as a speech-language pathologist. Never did she imagine that her education and career were God’s way of preparing her to be a mom to her own daughter with autism. Today, she enjoys reaching out to other families who face similar diagnoses. As a cancer survivor, carpet-cleaning veteran, and originator of the “Messy House Ministry,” Jennifer feels blessed to share joy, peace, and humor with others facing life’s challenges. She and her IT genius husband Brandon have been married since 1998.

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From Mommy to Mom: Navigating the Choppy Waters From Childhood to Adolescence

Once upon a time, I was a mommy. My daughter wanted me to read her just one more story, to hug her constantly, to carry her on my hip, and…

Scratches on the Dining Table

This is a tale of two tables. A friend of mine has a unique dining table. It’s round with raised stools and has an interesting pattern etched into its surface….

Teaching Tomorrow’s Truths Today. Six Tips for Talking to Your Kids About Sex

My 12-year-old morphed into a driving expert this year. She doles out helpful advice and suggestions to me and other drivers on the road. Often, she informs me that I’m…

Cherish the Days

The other day while cleaning out a kitchen cabinet I came across a set of tiny lunchbox notes I’d found on clearance. I bought them for Eldest when she was…

Grace Even in the Angry Room

Have you ever been angry at God? As difficult as it is to admit, I’ve been angry at God, especially in my journey as a mom. The other day, I…

From Mommy to Godzilla

When I became a mother, I pictured long days of rocking my sweet babies and imparting all my knowledge to them as they grew. I know some of you are…

Getting the Chores Done

I have a confession. I stink at chores. Getting them done and assigning them to my kids. Once upon a time, I was Glenda Good Housekeeper, but these days I’m…

Mom, Summertime Blues, and a Good Laugh

Ever had one of those days? The house has been flooded (twice) by a curious youngster with numerous rolls of toilet paper, the dog has turned shedding into an art…

The Indispensable Dad

Have you ever thought about the importance of a father? Though most of the time it’s mom who spends more hours with the children, there is no one who can replace dad.

Expectations and Giving Myself Grace

Expectations are a bit like resolutions, aren’t they? They can get us into a load of trouble, especially if you’re like me and set the bar too high. I recently…


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